The polar vortex has descended upon the nation’s capital region. While the current temperature is already 7 degrees, the wind chill is floating between -5 and -20 below, resulting in the cancellation of classes for almost every area school district. There is no snow on the ground and the sun is deceptively bright but the chill in the air slaps you hard. No one in the continental US is exempt, our Facebook feeds are filling up with pictures of dashboard thermometers and bundled up selfies (confession – I am not immune to this phenomenon). And we all have that friend – the one who doesn’t hesitate to make their winning misfortune known in the comment section of their friends’  posts. Every. single. post.


I’ve never been one to complain about cold temperatures during the depths of winter (April and May are another story), but I can say that experiencing such frigid temperatures with young children isn’t exactly on my list of favorite parenting activities. While I understand that millions of families live in sub-zero temperatures throughout the world, I can’t help go a little stir-crazy when I can’t just throw on some cold-weather gear and hike through the snow, ski, sled, and participate in a variety of other winter sports like I use to before we decided to produce some little ones. So we’re homebodies today. The coffee pot is full, my to-do list is long, and my will is strong to not open a bottle of red wine until 5pm. Here’s to warm thoughts and cozy blankets!


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