Quick Trip to Williamsburg

When we decided to go to Williamsburg over the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, we thought it would be a good excuse to stay at a Great Wolf Lodge instead of a regular hotel. The Yelp and Trip Advisor reviews had us apprehensive but we figured we could easily make-do during our one night stay. Thankfully, the place did not disappoint and the little guy had an absolute blast (as did we) in the indoor waterpark Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.


We didn’t participate in any of the other activities the hotel has to offer and we ate all of our meals in Williamsburg so some may argue that we didn’t have a true Great Wolf Lodge experience but to be honest, the waterpark and having a place to sleep were all that we were interested in.


Clay and I hadn’t been to Williamsburg since 2001 Fall Break at Clemson (no trip to Busch Gardens this time around) so we enjoyed walking around Merchant’s Square and soaking up as much of the colonial atmosphere we could in quite frigid temperatures on Friday night.


We ate dinner at Dog Street Pub and enjoyed some draft beer and gastropub food – bratwurst burger for Clay; hummus, field green salad, and homemade chips for me; and a cheeseburger for the little guy. Violet is now starting to venture into ‘real’ food territory but held off on sampling anything at Dog Street Pub.


No trip to Williamsburg is complete without a trip to The Cheese Shop, which we hit up after checking out of the hotel Saturday morning. Oh my goodness – cheese, cheese, and more cheese. The cheese fondue was absolutely insane and has my mouth salivating just thinking about it. We also popped in The Peanut Shop (honey roasted chipotle peanuts are our new favorite), The Christmas Shop, Wythe’s for some fudge, Aromas’ for some coffee, and let Weston choose our lunch destination, Retro’s Good Eats, where we had cheeseburgers, fresh squeezed lemonade, and shared a root beer float for dessert.


After lunch, we drove down to Jamestown and updated our National Parks Pass. Active Duty military receive a free annual pass, which is a very nice perk and very appreciated by this little family. The cold temperatures seemed to keep the crowds away so we were able to explore the grounds virtually by ourselves. We didn’t last outside too long though – the kids didn’t seem to appreciate the 16 degree wind chill.


So we ended up driving around Jamestown instead and up and down the Colonial Parkway, just like the first settlers in their AWD vehicles. The Colonial Parkway connects Jamestown, Colonial Williamsburg, and Yorktown, which is known as the Historic Triangle.


A quick stop in Mechanicsburg, VA for an oil change (the irony is not lost on us) and dinner rounded out our quick trip down to Williamsburg. We’ll hit the area up again sometime this summer but we really enjoyed the winter landscape and non-busy atmosphere…not a bad way to spend a couple of days during a four-day holiday pass.


5 thoughts on “Quick Trip to Williamsburg

  1. having never been near your area, I enjoy reading and seeing the pictures of the attractions. When we want the “good” cheese, we head about 3 hrs north to Pinconning for their wonderful cheese.

  2. I Love Williamsburg – My aunt and uncle live in Newport News – have not been there in 8 years – need to get out there again soon! Looks like a great time!

  3. Great Wolf sounds awesome! I’ve only ever heard about the hotel and indoor water park in regards to the place… is there more?? lol We only visited Williamsburg once, but I loved it and really hope we get stationed back in VA again! Glad you got to visit that cheese shop. I think I could potentially go a bit overboard there…

    1. The little guy loved it! There was an arcade, restaurant, some sort of magic wand game, and some other activities that I don’t remember the details about. They all cost extra money though. We did show restraint at The Cheese Stop…we spent less than $50. Haha.

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