Snow Day, Part Deux

Have you heard about the storm that has buried the Northeast under a massive amount of snow? Who am I kidding…of course you have. Thank you 24-hour news cycle. The schools were cancelled yesterday in anticipation of the late morning/afternoon storm and they are cancelled again today (the number of nonrefundable preschool days Weston has missed is making our bank account weep). Because the post was closed, Clay was able to enjoy a couple of hours of freedom before heading to the airport (’tis the season of TDYs). After sitting on the runway for a couple of hours waiting for the plane to de-ice, he finally made it to his destination safe and sound (phew!).

Rumors have it that this is the most amount of snow (about 6 inches) the area has received since Snowmageddon in February 2010. While the half-foot of snow currently on the ground isn’t one for the record books, it is still nice to experience at least one significant snowfall during our time here.


Being the dutiful mother I am, I outfitted Weston in hand-me-down rain boots and a couple of pair of Clay’s socks because I didn’t bother buying snow boots for his fast growing feet this year.  Lesson learned.


Violet watched the neighborhood children play as the snow fell around her.

There is only so much a baby can do…


And no snowstorm is complete without something sweet so I whipped up a batch of maple snow cream. It is simply snow, milk, and maple syrup (I poured from the bottle that Martha and Edward brought us from their trip to Vermont). I know the thought of eating snow is repugnant but I obviously live life on the wild side. And the concoction was absolutely delicious.


Now if you excuse me, I am going to brew another pot of coffee because Violet has decided that sleeping at night is for the birds. And the car and driveway aren’t going to clear themselves…


4 thoughts on “Snow Day, Part Deux

  1. I keep seeing the snow cream recipes and I haven’t tried it yet!! I think I might have to do it today when the oldest gets home. Here in NoVA we finally went back to school! Granted it was a late start but still. If it wasn’t for our awesome tae kwon do place that put on a snow camp I think the poor guy would have gone nuts. I’m glad to have found your blog. I found you because we are listed in the top 10 military blogs on Top Mommy Blogs together

  2. Oh man I don’t miss scraping the windows on the car. (Our parking garage here is underground.) But I do see a lot of Koreans putting big flattened cardboard boxes (or sometimes big floor mats) across their windshields and tucking the edges into the front car doors. I’m ASSUMING this eliminates any need for scraping in the morning, and you can just open your front doors and pop the cardboard off, and off comes the snow/ice. Right? Doesn’t that sound right? I’m assuming that’s why everyone has cardboard on their cars out here. Anyways. Thought I’d share that potentially useful tip since scraping windows is zero fun.

    Also, your snow cream looks delicious! I will take your word for it that it’s as yummy as it looks. China gives us acid snow, so I won’t be testing this recipe out for a few more years. 😉

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