I Know How to Live, Thank You Very Much

There is an entire sub-genre of blogs dedicated to capturing parenthood and life in general through filtered lenses. These blogs also have an usually high number of fedoras and feature children with wardrobes that out-price mine threefold. Since I believe my life not to be a hipster catalogue, my eyes tend to roll hard when I accidentally stumble across one such blog. And for the life of me, I can’t figure out why so many these bloggers fancy themselves to be lifestyle gurus. Is that a thing now?

Desktop179Recent photos of the little ones. No designer clothes. Poor things.

I know how to live, thank you very much. And the last thing I need is someone wearing a $300 Anthropologie shirt made for pennies in Bangladesh showing me how to wrap washi tape around a pen or how to make yet another baked good with Nutella.  Perhaps my increasing annoyance has to do with the inevitable aging process (GET OFF MY LAWN!) but I am just tired of being inundated with images that look like they belong in a Black Keys music video (admission – I love The Black Keys). I do make the exception for photos of cupcakes. As far as I am concerned, cupcakes are always welcome.


11 thoughts on “I Know How to Live, Thank You Very Much

  1. I love this. I was looking through photos of my oldest from our latest trip. He was wearing something with Thomas on it in EVery SINgle photo. I had a “Oh no, the hipsters will think I’m lame and a sucker and can’t dress my kids!” moment before I had that Wise in my Old Age thought of “I don’t give a [what?]!” So, yeah. I hear ya. PS, your babes could be wearing dish rags and still be super cute!

    1. Haha. Shameful confession – I have changed my son’s shirt before if I knew pictures were going to be taken. Not always. But I am guilty of doing it in the past. *hangs head in shame*

  2. My husband you to say to me when our girls were babies “They are kids, not fashion accessories” When I look back at old pictures, my girls seem to always ONLY be wearing onesies or PJs. Makes me wonder if I ever got them dressed!

  3. Amen, sista’! If I can help it, I try to get my kids’ clothes used. I cringe when my MIL sends Molly a brand-new white shirt with a puppy on it. Because that puppy will soon be accessorized with strawberry yogurt and why would I pay money for my kids to methodically ruin something? On a related note, pre-treating at the beginning stages of a stain can really reduce the overall severity of the situation. And oxyclean.

    I agree with Lynn, your kids don’t need fancy clothes to be cute!

    1. Thank you!!!! I don’t understand baby and toddler clothes that are predominantly white. Don’t. get. at. all. I am not a laundry goddess by any means and creating extra work to keep clothes clean sounds like the third layer of hell or something.

  4. I love it. I also eye roll at the mommy blogs that take photos for “what I wore Wednesday” and things like that. While they look great, who the hell has time for that? I only have one kid, but I am certainly not spending time dressing up so Nolan can use me as a tissue…

  5. I was excited to get two big packs of solid white onesies as shower gifts for our little girl. Partly because white onesies are completely unassuming, and partly because I figured that if nothing else, I could bleach them or dye them. My kid might not end up being fancily dressed, but we’ll be rocking out to the Black Keys (love them) and the National while we work from home together. No Anthropology products (or Nutella) necessary. 🙂

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