Recharged Batteries

For the first time in a long while, we did not have big plans for the weekend. Clay didn’t have to work, he wasn’t TDY, we didn’t go out of town – we were just simply home. We kicked off the weekend as a family at a favorite local restaurant of ours, complete with cannoli for dessert. After getting the kids to bed, we watched the opening ceremonies of the Winter Games and looked up random and obscure Olympic facts (e.g. the last true gold medals were in 1912). I fell asleep on the couch sometime before my rum and coke was finished and when the giant teddy bear appeared. I know, I know – my craziness needs to be reigned in.


I finished the chalkboard wall in the kitchen on Saturday morning and let Weston loose with the world’s cheapest chalk (Target store brand = no bueno).  And then on Saturday afternoon – I learned just how pathetic I can be.


I was sitting in the passenger seat of my car with the little ones sleeping in the back after running some errands. Clay ran into the local butcher to redeem a Groupon offer and I volunteered to stay behind so we wouldn’t have to maneuver sleeping children through the house of meats. Our previous stop included fresh cups of coffee so I was perfectly content to sit in a quiet car and surf the Internet while sipping coffee. And then it happened. I noticed the 8% in the top right hand corner – complete with the battery symbol hosting a sliver of red. So I was met with the conundrum of whether to conserve the battery or just go big until the phone died. I chose the latter. And once the battery died (I’m pretty sure Clay’s spirit animal is in the butcher shop), I clawed through the glove box, desperate for something to read in order to avoid just sitting and doing nothing (the horror!), and ended up with the instruction manual for my car. So if anybody needs to know how to pair another bluetooth in a Subaru, I’m your girl.


Sunday morning was spent at church (where Weston fell off the stage and had us concerned about a concussion) and the afternoon consisted of nothing more than just playing with the kids on the floor. So while our weekend wasn’t filled with great adventure, it was full of simple everyday life moments (and dying cell phone batteries). Sometimes that is all we need to feel recharged.


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