In The Meadow We Can Build a Snowman

Snowpocolypse 2014 is upon us. My inner-Carlton is dancing – Clay is home and able to enjoy the snow day with us. He was TDY the previous two snowstorms and unable to partake in the traditional festivities that accompany the national capitol region shutting down.

snow house

We woke up to about 10.5 inches of snow. It has since began sleeting on and off but we’re due for more snow throughout the day and tomorrow. While the area is accustomed to snow, it is ill-equipped to handle a storm of this magnitude so I can’t imagine it going back to business as usual tomorrow.


The snow sure is pretty. And perfect for snowmen, snow cream, and snow margaritas.

You know, the important stuff.

snow car clearing

The little guy insisted on being responsible for clearing off my car.

baby snow

Baby Violet loves being outside all bundled up.

labrador snow

And this girl is happier than a camel on Wednesday (sorry…). Lucy was born and adopted by us almost nine years ago during our time at Fort Drum, NY. She is a winter dog at heart and in her element dashing through the snow. While we’ve had snow storms in all the places we’ve lived since, they’ve been nothing like what we experienced up in the north country. With almost 12 inches, this is the first snowfall that has felt like true winter. And Lucy just ate it all up. Literally.


She also tried her hardest to get a pick-up game of football started.


Snow + woods = Simply beautiful.


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