Thirty One

Whelp. According to the birthdate the government has on record, I no longer fall into the 30 and under crowd. That’s right, folks, yesterday was my 31st birthday.  Clay is working this weekend but he is home, so I can’t really complain. We woke up laughing yesterday morning because with the exception of my 25th birthday, the Army has always somehow prevented my husband from celebrating my birthday beyond a quick kiss goodbye, an email, or a static phone call. I suppose the adage ‘if the Army wanted you to have a spouse, they would have issued you one” lends itself to the annual tradition of celebrating my birth.


Upon waking up, I yelled “Let the Facebook festivities begin!” and ventured downstairs where I was greeted to a decorated dining room, complete with streamers and balloons. On my birthday-eve, Clay took the kids out to dinner and shopping while I participated in the military wife tradition of rolling dice, sipping (ha!) wine, and competing for money, so he managed to decorate the place while I was away. Even though I had a sneak peak from when I walked in the door the night before, my heart just melted at Weston’s excitement – “Look Mommy! We got you BALLOONS!” Yes, my husband rocks. And yes, that is a Thomas & Friends birthday banner.


I have a love/hate relationship with my hair so when I woke up with ah-mazing hair on my birthday, I had to document this extremely rare occurrence. Maybe 31 will be the year for me! The fact that the fuzzy iPhone picture hides the emerging wrinkles is a major bonus.


I spent the morning of my birthday volunteering on post and handing out breakfast burritos. Clay watched the kids in his office and managed to keep the nation secure with a curious four-year-old and a crawling seven-month-old in tow. Afterwards, the kids and I attended a lunch get-together with fellow wives of soldiers in Clay’s unit where I was surprised with wine, flowers, and Georgetown cupcakes. Aren’t they just the sweetest?


Clay came home around dinner time with even more cupcakes and bottles of wine. We decided to skip large birthday gifts this year and put the money towards our us-only vacation in August. I’m pretty easy to please so cupcakes and wine are enough to keep the pep in my step. He did manage to get me a monogrammed tote bag, which I have been wanting for awhile. I am pretty sure that means I am officially old but I don’t care. I will be rocking’ the hell out of the canvas tote bag around town. And do you see that ridiculously large wine glass?


Clay’s sister, Martha, gifted this magnificent item to me. It is HHHHUUUGGGGEEEE (said like Billy Fuccillo, shout out to NNY!). I have yet to drink anything out of it (right now it is hosting flowers) but that will probably change during our next neighborhood get-together.


After we put the kids to bed, we ordered take-out Chinese and managed to stumble across the last 1/3 of Cliffhanger on TV (so many quotes, so little time). My fortune read ‘your life will be happy and peaceful.‘ While fairly pedestrian, it was a nice little touch to an extremely wonderful birthday. The day wasn’t filled with a grand adventure in an exotic locale but rather it was just a simple day filled with people I know and love who took the time to wish me well. And what is not to love about a birthday like that?


6 thoughts on “Thirty One

  1. “Its gonna be HUUUUUUGEEEE!”

    Would you believe we get that commercial here in Western PA?! It’s why we canceled cable.

  2. What a great 31st birthday, Karen. Let me tell you a secret: Life just keeps getting better as you make your way through each year!! I promise!

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