More Snow…

The Washington DC metro area is a bit of an odd duck – we’re far enough north that snow is almost a guarantee each winter, yet too far south to make any significant investment in snow-removal. So when a decent winter storm hits, there is a likely chance that the federal government will shutdown for the day. Complaints will ensue, discussions of weather patterns will divide along party lines, and there will be a run on bread, milk, and eggs. We were hit with freezing rain, sleet, and then 5-8 inches of snow early yesterday morning and throughout the day. While our northern counterparts are probably rolling their eyes at the frenzy, this area simple does not have the resources to allow business as usual after such a storm.





The snow is scheduled to stick around for a couple of days due to the frigid temperatures but will hopefully melt by the weekend. Only time will tell if this was the last storm of the season but I’m ready to wear shorts and not have to worry about putting the kids in multiple layers before leaving the house. Here’s hoping that March goes out like a lamb.


3 thoughts on “More Snow…

  1. Don’t forget the run on Toilet paper. Wegmans here in Woodbridge sells out, or nearly sells out every time they call for more than an inch of snow.

  2. I understand, Karen! Seattle has only a few plows, etc.,so why invest when it rarely snows? But when that frigid Alaska wind decides to bring it…you get the picture! Good luck!

    I love your paper doll story.

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