Thank you for the kind words about Desi. It seems a bit silly to wax poetic about how empty the house seems without a cat roaming from room to room. But it does. Simply put, we miss the damn cat. I’m sure Desi was smirking from above yesterday morning as I sobbed while wrestling a covered litter box into a trash bag – I wouldn’t expect anything less from him. So while everyday life continues, it does so without our cantankerous cat.


In other news, this little adorable girl is eight months old today. Let’s hope she celebrates by sleeping through the night. Yup – the ‘I’m going to sleep through the night‘ attitude she had at four and five months has become a distant memory. 1am and I are totally BFFs and even braid each other’s hair while tending to a fussy baby. I’m working on my fishtail technique.


Can I just talk about how much it rocks to have a son who enjoys drawing, coloring, painting, and all other things art? He painted this garbage truck the other day at preschool and I was excited to know exactly what he painted without having to ask or read the description – this isn’t always the case. Ha.


Speaking of the little guy’s preschool – he brought his ‘Daddy Bear’ to the annual Blessing of the Stuffed Animals. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that black berets are no longer within regulation when paired with ACUs. Good thing no SGT MAJs spotted him.


Winter continues to dig her nails into our area, desperately hanging on for dear life. I just about lost my nose to frostbite while walking in Bethesda this morning with the kids. And I wasn’t even able to make a quick stop into Georgetown Cupcake because I ran out of change for the meter, despite a valiant effort of rummaging through the entire contents of my car. And that is exactly how we ended up at Crumbs Bake Shop in Tysons Corner, where there is free parking – hallelujah. We have yet to sample the goods. In fact, Clay is motioning for me to wrap up this post so we can partake in some cupcake consumption. Don’t mind if I do…


One thought on “Crumbs

  1. Condolences on Desi. I loved seeing photos of him and Lucy together. So sweet.

    I love that photo of Violet. She is all Clay with those eyes right now! I am sorry she played a trick on you with sleeping. It’s so mean. Just when things seem to be going well, they lie to you 😉

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