Violet’s Baptism

This morning, our beautiful baby girl was baptized. In our faith, the sacrament of baptism is not simply a blessing, but rather a welcoming into the family of faith. Today marked Violet’s first step in her Christian journey.


Clay’s parents came up for the weekend to join us in the celebration of her baptism. The overcast weather did not deter Violet’s sunny disposition and she was smiled through out the service, just happy as a clam. During the ceremony, she kicked and squealed as the Pastor explained the sacrament and went through the liturgy.


The Pastor included Weston and Clay’s parents in the ceremony. Weston poured water collected from the Jordan River into a pitcher of water held by Clay’s dad, who then poured it into the basin. After the sprinkling of water, the Pastor had Clay’s mom light a candle to honor the occasion and instructed us to remember Violet’s baptism every March 23rd by lighting that candle.


The ceremony was extremely personal and such a special occasion for our family. We’re so thankful to have found such warm and inviting church to join during our time here.


I just love this capture.


This is the dress I wore when I was baptized. It is quite the special dress. My mom, her sisters, and my sisters were all baptized while wearing this simple white dress. Close to 60 years old, the thin fabric and delicate embroidery holds many hopes and dreams for the women in my family. Unfortunately, the dress was too small for Violet to wear on her special day but I pinned it in the bustle of the dress I bought so it was present and ‘worn’ for another family baptism.


The dress has an interesting story. My great-grandmother was a devout Catholic. And when her only daughter, my grandmother, married a Protestant man and renounced Catholicism, my great-grandmother struggled with my grandmother’s decision. But when my mom’s oldest sister, Donna, was born, my great-grandmother bought the white dress as a peace offering. So not only does the dress have family significance, it represents understanding, acceptance, and (most of all) love. I can’t think of a better garment for our daughter to wear when being welcomed into the Christian faith.


Weston couldn’t get enough of his pink bow-tie.

(Neither could I).


Obligatory family photo.


They can’t all be winners…


Sweet Violet.


8 thoughts on “Violet’s Baptism

  1. love! we have a Baptismal gown in our family that my grandmother wore in 1916.

    I also love that Lucy matches the rest of the family 🙂

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