A Divot, A Tongue, Dreams, and More

A post of random tidbits – and GO.

I’ve been cutting Clay’s hair off and on since we’ve been married. I also cut Weston’s hair (cue members of the reading audience thinking, “ahhhh, that’s why his hair looks like that…poor kid“). Last night, when using the hair clippers on my betrothed, he made me laugh and as I result, I accidentally put a divot into his hair – right near his face. An obvious solution would have been for me to just go ahead and shave his head but Clay is convinced he has a ridge in the middle of his head – sort of like a stegosaurus. I have never seen it, just like I’ve never seen my man with more than two-days worth of facial hair. Yup, we’ve been married almost 10 years and I have no idea what Clay-with-a-mustache looks like. Perhaps that is a good thing?


I posted this picture on Facebook yesterday afternoon with the caption – half the people who see this will think “awww”, the other half will think “ewww” 🙂. To my surprise, the awww’s won by a landslide.


Weston refers to his dreams as ‘stories behind my eyes’. I absolutely love that simple description and can’t think of four words that better encapsulate the art of dreaming. Last night, the story behind his eyes was about Spiderman and the UPS delivery man, both of which are superheroes in my opinion.


Now that Violet is out of the newborn stage and well on her way to toddlerhood, Weston has able to interact with her on (somewhat) his terms. This week, they had a tea party and Weston ‘read’ Violet the Pilot to his little sister. Oh my goodness – my heart just melts faster than Wet n’ Wild mascara in August at the sight of them playing together.


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