She Will Move Mountains

9month2She may only be nine months old but she is already bold and brave with a light so bright that her future sparkles. Her curiosity and amazement at the world around her are wonderful reminders of how everyday life is a special gift. Violet continues to brighten the world and embody joy. She is also pulling herself up on furniture and crawling faster than we can sometimes catch her so she is keeping us on our toes and testing our makeshift baby-proofing efforts.DSC_0154 The past month has brought much interrupted nighttime sleep due to the cutting of seven (!) teeth. However, I am happy to report that after months of being the Queen of Cat Naps, Violet is finally taking regular morning and afternoon naps of at least 90 minutes. Hallelujah! DSC_0151We have yet to give her a piece of food that she doesn’t like. She stole this apple from Weston this afternoon during our picnic lunch and proceeded to gnaw on it for 45 minutes. Don’t you just love chubby little baby hands?   IMG_3869 Like the rest of us, Violet loves to be outside and is just happy as a clam watching the neighborhood kids, including her big brother, run circles around our court. She is just counting the days until she is able to join them. IMG_3788

And she can finally wear {some} hair clips!



5 thoughts on “She Will Move Mountains

    1. Aunt Sue – we are going to Wilmington, NC over the 4th to pick up Lucy. She is staying with Clay’s parents while we’re on our New England adventure.

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