To Cleanse or Not to Cleanse?

There is a glow about me as I write this post because the air conditioner broken. Again. Womp, womp, womp. Last year, the air conditioner was out of commission for the month of May and for part of June. The silver lining is that at least I am not pregnant this time around. I realize that having an air conditioner in need of repair is the epitome of a first world problem so I’m trying focus on the fact that the increase of perspiration may result in weight loss – always look on the bright side, right?

I went swimsuit shopping last night because I thought looking at myself under fluorescent lights after drinking baseball stadium beers would really boost my self-esteem. I did manage to find one that didn’t make me cry but I left the store quite discouraged with what I saw in the mirror. I know that more disciplined eating and a ramped-up exercise routine is necessary to achieve the results I want to see, but I have been toying with the idea of doing a cleanse to jumpstart my system. Don’t worry, I am not talking about a juice cleanse or the one promoted by she-who-consciously-uncouples. But eliminating coffee, alcohol, and refined sugars while eating a specific diet for a pre-determined set of time appeals to me.

Last week, I attended an Advocare ‘mixer’ (I loathe that term) with other ladies from the neighborhood. I am not a fan of multi-level marketing companies, but I am usually game to attend a party or a sales pitch if wine is being offered. And while I determined that their 24-Day Cleanse wasn’t for me, I became intrigued with the idea of participating in a cleanse of sorts with friends to help hold me accountable and get this weight-loss ball rolling. One of my neighbors recommended Dr. Oz’s 10-Day Detox Diet – I like the fact that no pills are consumed and users are encouraged to eat real food.

What about you? Does anyone out there swear by a particular cleanse or am I just fooling myself?


12 thoughts on “To Cleanse or Not to Cleanse?

  1. I don’t trust any diet plan or cleanse that doesn’t let me drink wine. With that said, I really like Dr. Andrew Weil’s “8 Weeks to Optimum Health” which totally changed my life in a good way. I’m the kind of person who does better with little changes gradually than big ones all at once, and I try to never set myself up for failure. If you have a library nearby, I would highly recommend at least leafing through it if you have a chance.

  2. I’ve never successfully done a true cleanse. My husband did a 30 day isagenix cleanse with good results but I am honestly against plans that restrict you to one meal a day and don’t get me started on “snacks” that are actually pills. (Sounds kind of unhealthy if you ask me). I am a total believer in the beachbody programs. So much that I became a coach. But I am not going to try to sell you on it; I’ll just say what has worked for me. The beachbody workout programs are a lifesaver for me to get a great workout in without having to go to a gym and deal with daycare. They are quick and really effective, plus there are accountability groups that motivate me to keep on track. I have recently added shakeology to my diet (beachbody dense nutrition shake). It is not a necessary part but I find it can be a great breakfast substitute when I am in a rush.
    So that was a lot about what works for me but I agree with what you said about cleaner eating and exercise. Putting those two things as a priority had helped me drop 7lbs in the past two months. I know you will find what works for you.

    1. So good to ‘see’ you again Shelly! 🙂 I have heard good things about Beachbody and Shakeology. I did a trial membership for a local gym and ended up not joining because Violet would not stop crying at the gym daycare. I couldn’t work out while knowing my little girl was so upset! Off to look at Beachbody workout programs…

      1. If you have any questions on some of the programs you can email me mbmotto04 AT I’m currently doing Chalean Extreme and lifting weights is definitely changing my body.
        And if you ever do consider buy shakeology make sure to get the info on discounts available for Active Duty Military Family.

  3. If your kidneys and liver are in proper working order, you do not need to cleanse. Ever. I can post scientific studies if you would like evidence based research. However, I promise you that your body never ever needs a cleanse if your organs are in working order. So, unless you’re undergoing dialysis or other medical procedures, cleanses are ill advised. I say this as someone working in her Masters in anatomy & physiology and someone who attended nursing school.

    1. and I agree with your friend above. don’t cleanse. and you have a baby, so I advise you to not stop coffee 😉

      I am also feeling fluffy and would like to like my reflection better.

      I did try shakeology (got samples from a friend) and I did really like it, but it’s pricey. I think it’s a great option for a quick breakfast. A good breakfast sets the stage for good eating, for me at least.

      I think you will have to see what small changes work for you. For me, it’s no alcohol during the week, and to stay off simple carbs. I can lose a pound or so that way, and just feel less puffy.

      Since we are gearing up for a overseas PCS, though, all my “good” eating has gone by the wayside, but that is what was working for me.

  4. I am glad you asked this question – I have gotten a lot of info from your friends 🙂 I too am not feeling to hot on the way that I look – but I agree – dont cleanse! I am going to look up Beach body too!

  5. Thanks for posting this. I’m getting a wealth of information from all of the comments. I got my pre-pregnancy body back pretty fast after both Trenton and Charlotte were born, but I’m finding it harder this go-round. I’m not sure if it’s because I had a c-section with Evelyn or just because I’m older. But I’m going to check into BeachBody.

  6. I am not opposed to cleanses when done thoughtfully. I had a friend who had generalized anxiety disorder and a mutual friend suggested doing the Dr Joshi Detox Diet. She didnt expect to feel any different, but she did! In the end she discovered that she has issues with caffeine and the combination of white flour and yeast. She can handle yeast and while flour separately. It is a very easy cleanse to do. And a year after she did it we did it. I would say it is worth doing at least once in your life.

    I would say, Jenny @ Creatively Blooming, that cesarean surgeries are just harder on your body recovery wise. And the fact that you have 3 now makes a huge difference. 🙂

  7. I tried a cleanse once and wanted to shoot myself, so I say keep up with the coffee and wine 😉 I have heard good things about beach body too and have sort of thought about trying the whole30 thing, but then I get sad about not eating pasta and cheese. My aunt just did advocare and loved it.

    See you for cupcakes on Tuesday (clearly I am the wrong friend for this ha)!

  8. Not a cleanse per se, but I recently went (almost) gluten free to see if I had a sensitivity (to account for some minor health concerns). I have seen a marked improvement in just a week as far as energy and how I feel. I suppose giving up pasta to keep wine is a good trade. I still have things like a tortilla or english muffin, but no more pasta, sandwiches (wraps only), pizza and other big-bread/wheat items.

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