The Official Start of Summer is…Now

Child Appreciation Day was this morning at the little guy’s preschool – which was pretty much just an excuse for the children to walk into the sanctuary to Pomp and Circumstance and ham it up for the parents. And not surprisingly, we loved every minute.


Thanks to the self-timer, I managed to get a picture with my Weston before driving him to preschool for the last time this school year. As much as I’ll enjoy summertime activities with him, I am also slightly mourning the loss of my one-on-one time with Violet.


Not that she really cares. She’ll put on a show for anyone who is willing to watch.


Clay was able to step away from work and attend the ceremony because listening to 2-5-year-olds sing is much more entertaining than attending meetings in windowless rooms.


Weston’s performance was quite entertaining. He shook his hips and waved his arms in the air during his class’s rendition of Rise and Shine. And at the end of the ceremony, Violet squealed as Weston walked back down the aisle with his class.


So today marks the start of summer vacation for our family. The neighborhood pool opens this weekend; my brother, Scott, and his wife, Kelly, are visiting for the Memorial holiday weekend ; and we’re sneaking up to the Philadelphia area for a night. In addition to a variety of day jaunts, this summer will involve multiple trips down south, a family vacation exploring the New England coast line, a to-be-determined trip for just Clay and I, and a girls weekend in Chicago. And since I won’t be a million weeks pregnant this summer, I can enjoy every last hot second of it. What are your summer plans?


4 thoughts on “The Official Start of Summer is…Now

  1. Sounds like a cute ceremony! Charlotte’s last day of school for the year was today, and Trenton has his pre-k graduation is at the end of next week. We have a busy summer planned with a cross-country move from CA to PA. We can’t wait to settle into our new home and explore the area!

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