PCS Envy

It’s that time of year again! Moving trucks block multiple driveways in our court, trees across America weep for the excessive amount of packing paper used, and there cardboard boxes line the interior and exterior of homes. That’s right – it’s PCS (Permeant Change of Station for the non-military folks out there) season. Military families around the world are either excitedly coordinating the move to their new locale or dejectedly preparing to spend 1-3 years in an area that consistently make the Worst Places to Live lists. There will be sad goodbyes and welcoming hellos as neighbors move in and out and too many moving claim forms filed to count.


Since we’re not moving this summer, I find myself developing a major case of PCS Envy. While it’s not in the DSM-5, PCS Envy is a condition that affects a percentage of the military population each year. For some, it is just a fleeting moment of wanderlust. For others, it is plain and simple jealously. Thankfully this time around, I fall into the former group because for the most part, we really enjoy being stationed in the Washington DC area. Nevertheless, I still have flashes of envy when I listen to friends talk about orders and scheduling movers to far and away exotic lands such as Germany, Montreal, Georgia, and Kansas (okay, so many not the last two…).

I’ll admit that having to say goodbye to friends and neighbors can get old after awhile and as a result, there are times when I dream about living in one place for 5+ years. But then I snap out of it because I am reminded of what I love most about having a husband in the military – the opportunity meet new people and explore new places. “Have you received orders yet?” is possibly the most asked question this time of year, shortly followed by “Are the movers scheduled?” I am asking these questions this year. Only time will tell if I will be answering them next year. So until then, I’ll just host a slightest ping of PCS envy.


5 thoughts on “PCS Envy

  1. “While it’s not in the DSM-5, PCS Envy is a condition that affects a percentage of the military population each year.” – mine is wanderlust, too. We’re out of Active Duty and in the guard, so I’ve had it for a few years now! But it’s a good life 🙂

  2. I know how you feel, I just happen to be on the PCS side this year. So glad to have your blog to read, I feel like I can still know you even if we never live in the same town again. Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!
    Oh, and we just got our orders… 😉

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