Life with Two

Clay and I always knew that children would be part of our story but we had no desire to start a family during our first years of marriage. When asked about children, we would always answer someday. And then after almost five years of marriage, someday become the day we welcomed the little guy into our lives.


Something funny happens when you have your first child – inquiries start as to when you’re going to have another. Well-meaning people offer their opinion on the perfect age-gap between children, some weave sad tales about the plight of only children, and others talk about the social responsibility of only having one child. We knew that having children super close together wasn’t in our stars and even accepted that the little guy could be our one and only after a devastating miscarriage. But then almost four years after welcoming our son, we were blessed with our little girl.


And now that she is almost a year old (!!!), we’re occasionally asked if our family of four will ever become a family of five. The short answer is no. The long answer is that we’re not planning on it and feel 100% content with two children; but as the old adage goes ‘the best laid plans….‘. I have been giving away our baby items as Violet outgrows them and in doing so, I find myself excited for the things to come rather than being sad about not having an infant anymore.


Weston will be five this fall and Violet is only weeks away from walking. As much as I love newborn snuggles, I feel much more in my element now than I did last year. I absolutely love being a mother to these two amazing kids and I can’t wait to see where the road leads us as a family of four.


It’s been surreal to observe their personalities unfold and witness their similarities and differences. When looking at their picture, there is no doubt they’re siblings. But beyond their almost identical looks and same sunny dispositions are night and day differences. Weston is our cautious child while Violet exhibits daredevil traits. Weston is a sporadic eater and rarely hungry while Violet gobbles up everything in sight. And both love to cuddle and bring an indescribable amount of joy to our lives.


Don’t get me wrong – there are certainly moments that are trying and have us throwing up our arms in exasperation. After the children are in bed, our first task almost always involves the pouring of a drink and soaking in the kid-free atmosphere. And I have cried the ugly cry about these two countless times. Parenthood continues to be the most humbling experience thus far in my life. But we have never once regretted our decision to bring children into this world. I’m sure some people will read this post and roll their eyes at my insistance that married life with children isn’t hell on earth. For some, it may be. But for us, it has been has been an incredible experience beyond our wildest dreams. Even with the insane amount of poop that seems to come with the territory.


4 thoughts on “Life with Two

  1. I had to put down my after-bedtime drink to respond. YES, yes, yes to all of it. Our first pregnancy ended in miscarriage, and that loss made it difficult to fully relax and enjoy the others. I get that. That aside, I find myself in the same position of looking forward to what’s ahead and not really missing the newborn stage. On Mother’s Day, while my boys were playing nicely together, I realized that they’re perfect and I don’t feel compelled to mess with that. I’ve even seen some tiny babies recently and haven’t felt the twitch 😉 That two feels like enough is totally understandable!

  2. The poop. OhmughGAH so much poop! Never in my wildest dreams could I imagine how much I would deal with on a daily basis. Your kids are so adorable and practically twins at their respective 10mo pictures!

  3. Occasionally I will feel a moment of sadness that my baby (Leah) is growing up, but then just like you said I think of how much fun we are starting to have with mobile and verbally communicating children. I am so thankful that I feel at peace with my family being complete.

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