42 Hours in Fayetteville, NC

Earlier in the week, the kids and I were able to accompany Clay on a quick TDY to Ft. Bragg. Clay’s sister, Martha, and her husband, Edward, are stationed there and will be for the foreseeable future so we set up camp at their house. Due to horrendous traffic and I-95 being closed at one spot, it took us almost 8 hours to get there, which we finally did late Wednesday night. Despite that little hiccup, it was a great visit and the kids really enjoyed being around each other again. 10419487_10203351862510386_7663125999277428184_n


10403583_10203348633469662_5676404225273993528_n Martha and Clay

I suppose Martha and Edward are indirectly responsible for Clay having a career in the Army. Fifteen years ago, Clay was in high school and Martha was a junior at Clemson University when she met Edward, an ROTC cadet. This set the stage for Clay to eventually apply for an ROTC scholarship and as most stories go, the rest is history. You know, as I sit here typing while Clay is working on yet another Saturday, I’m not sure whether to curse Martha and Edward or to thank them. Just kidding! 😉


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