Our New England Adventure – The Rhode Island Edition

After a weeklong tour of the New England coast, we’re back in northern Virginia with bellies full of fresh seafood and as much of a tan as the Massachusetts and Maine sun will allow. Simply put – the vacation was wicked pissah (see what I did there?). Because vacation recap posts are the equivalent of 70’s era slideshow of Aunt Esther’s trip to Acapulco, I’ve decided to breakdown the week into three separate posts. You have been warned.


We’re apparently machinists because we chose to drive through New York City and Connecticut on a Friday afternoon. In June. It quickly became obvious that we weren’t the only ones heading to the shore that weekend. I’m sure the big city hotshots in Maseratis (we spotted five!) were rolling their eyes at our Subaru with a car top carrier but that’s how we roll – we’re so pedestrian that it hurts. After about 10 hours, we finally arrived in Rhode Island.


The next day, we drove over the largest suspension bridge in New England to Newport and spent the morning exploring one of the oldest cities in the United States. Newport also has a strong Navy presence so as is the case with most Navy towns we visit, we cursed the majority of Army locations throughout the world (Fort Polk anyone?).


We ate on the water, enjoying a lunch consisting of fresh steamers, grilled shrimp, and a hot lobster roll.




Don’t worry, we brought Violet on this trip.


After lunch we walked around the harbor some more before getting back on the road. We left fans of the smallest state and hope to return someday. Next up, Cape Cod.


10 thoughts on “Our New England Adventure – The Rhode Island Edition

  1. So beautiful! Reminds me of Annapolis in Maryland. In other news.. I am going to love your vacation posts because like every book I read is based on the New England coast… I’ve never been further north than New York… so your vacation is what dreams are made of!

    1. It was my first time spending any significant time on the New England coast. I fell in love. Hard. And the shake shingle houses? ADORE!

  2. I totally agree with your point (Navy & AF bases have much better locations in general), but please don’t knock Ft. Polk until you’ve been there! I spent 4 years there, and it does have its downsides, but it wasn’t *that* terrible :/

    1. Point taken. 🙂 Having been stationed at Ft. Drum (which we LOVED), I know what it’s like to hear people say, “You live where? Ugh.” Haha. When typing this post, I was trying to think of an Army post that usually conjures such reactions. It’s good to know that Ft. Polk isn’t *that* terrible. And yes, Navy and AF bases have much better locations in general!

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