Georgia on My Mind

Last Thursday night, I posted the following to Facebook…

Clay is currently delayed at the Atlanta airport waiting for his flight to DC so he can get home in time for us to leave at 5am for….(drumroll)….Atlanta.

It was past midnight by the time he walked through the door but he was home (yay!) After finishing some last minute packing, we settled into a peaceful slumber until our children demanded our presence at 3:00am. We were able to divide and conquer and as we met in the hall after successfully putting the little ones back to sleep we decided to go ahead and get the show on the road. Our offspring continued to sleep as we did adult things like shower, drink coffee, and set up the car top carrier. So by 5:00am, we were southbound on I-95 enjoying the near empty roads and watched the sun rise over Richmond.


The infamous Gaffney peach (now known to more thanks to House of Cards) sighting occurred early afternoon, which means we pulled into my parents driveway at 3:30pm, just in time to watch the sky open up and dump sheets of water for miles. No lake activities for us that day – womp womp. My cousins, Matt and Nick, were in town visiting from California and Michigan respectively, along with their fiancees so we spent the rest of the evening catching up and fighting to stay awake past 9:00pm.


Saturday ended up being a nice day weather-wise so we spent the majority of our time outside. My sister, Julie, and her husband, Zach, and my brother, Scott, his wife, Kelly, and sweet little baby Emma joined us for the weekend as well. Growing up in Phoenix, I spent many hours on our family boat at Lake Pleasant and Bartlett Lake. So while Clay and I have no plans to own a boat while he is in the Army, I’m happy that our children will be exposed to the lake life whenever we visit my parents. They moved to northern Georgia as I was finishing up my time at Clemson so when we visit, I don’t feel ties to the area beyond ‘this is where my parents live now‘ but I do enjoy having access to the lake.


Due to a necessary wave runner rescue mission, Violet was able to take her first boat ride on Saturday morning. It was fairly windy so she was a little unsure but she didn’t cry so I consider it a success! For those unfamiliar, Lake Lanier is a large man-made lake in northern Georgia and named after Sidney Lanier. A poet, he wrote Song of the Chattahoochee to celebrate the beauty found in north Georgia along the Chattahoochee River {Out of the hills of Habersham, Down the valleys of Hall, I hurry amain to reach the plain, Run the rapid and leap the fall…”}. The valleys of Hall became what is now known as Lake Lanier when the Army Corps of Engineers damned the Chattahoochee in 1956.


The rest of the afternoon, evening, and night was spent poolside.


Angie and Abbie – the two newest members of the family!


And of course, no get-together down south isn’t complete with some smoked pork.

On Sunday morning we said goodbye to our cousins and their betrothed and lounged around outside before Clay and I headed to the Atlanta airport so he could catch a flight back to DC. We stopped at Lennox Square for an early dinner and fought a ridiculous amount of traffic before arriving at Hartsfield-Jackson.


Megan, Mike, Mikey, and McKayla flew into Atlanta on Tuesday so the kids and I have just been hanging out and taking advantage of extra sets of hands. Clay flies back into town on Friday evening (woohoo), we are having a big family celebration on Saturday, and then on Sunday morning, Clay and I leave for our kid-free vacation of the summer (insert backflips, bullhorns, and air-streamers). I believe the Pointer Sisters said it best – I’m so excited!


3 thoughts on “Georgia on My Mind

  1. Is that big green egg built into an outdoor kitchen-like stone area?? I am impressed. Looks like a fun time! Enjoy your kid free vacation!!

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