It’s Not Jam, Nor Berries

When my friend, Emily, asked if I would be interested in trying Jamberry nail wraps, I mulled over the idea of writing about my experience on this blog because I only like to discuss products and ideas that are of interest to me. I don’t do sponsored reviews and delete many emails I receive from marketing firms wanting me to write about local casinos, male-enhancement drugs, and self-published books about finding oneself. Obviously my blog is in hot demand. But since Emily is a cool cat (despite being a Gamecock) and an amazing Doctor of Physical Therapy, I took her up on her offer and agreed to be what feels like the last person to try Jamberry nail wraps.

In full disclosure, I do not have pretty manicured nails. Growing up, I never had much interest in my nails beyond making sure they were short enough to shove into a softball glove. I didn’t even get a professional manicure for my wedding – I am just that low key about my nails. Whenever I do put on polish on my fingernails (either for a special event or during a rare fit of insanity), it is chipping within the first 6 hours of application. I know, I’m horrible. On the other hand, I do get the occasional pedicure and always have nail polish on my toenails because let’s face it – my feet need all the help they can get (don’t worry, I won’t accost you with pictures of my horrid feet).


For the uninitiated, Jamberry are vinyl nail wraps that adhere to nails through heat. Emily gave me the choice of samples and I went with a simple polka dot pattern. To be honest, I would have picked just a solid color if given the choice because that’s how I roll. I am not going to provide a step-by-step for the application process because there are more Jamberry tutorials on the internet than videos of kittens falling over. A simple Google search will suffice. In fact, let me Google that for you…


Because of the learning curve, it took me almost an hour to finish all ten nails. I was drinking rum and diet coke and watching the Emmy Awards while applying the wraps so my concentration waned from time to time. But I finally got the hang of it and actually didn’t mind the somewhat tedious application process. Clay is TDY this week so my nights have included riveting activities such as cleaning toilets, re-staining grout, and applying Jamberry nail wraps. It’s glamorous over here, folks.


The verdict? I like them more than I thought I would! Being that I do not wear nail polish on a regular basis, I was prepared to for an eh response but color me surprised. I’ve had them on for over 24 hours and have experienced no chipping, despite washing/drying my hair, cleaning the shower with bleach, scrubbing grout, and wiping dirty baby bums (clearly my day was spectacular). I still don’t see myself wearing these wraps on a regular basis but I totally would choose these over nail polish for the rare occasion I want to dress up my nails.

A395I am, however, going to order the above style because CLEMSON.

Go Tigers!

If you’re interested in trying Jamberry nail wraps, check out Emily’s Jamberry Page or email her at emilycbradshaw1984 (a) According to Emily, any one who orders a Buy 3, Get 1 Special from her will be entered into a drawing for a free mini heater.


6 thoughts on “It’s Not Jam, Nor Berries

  1. You and I could be the same person! I never do my nails, but always do my toes. I only had my nails done for my wedding because my mother made me do it. My husbandless evenings sound about as glamorous as yours and a night of rum and cokes in front of the Emmy’s sounds like pure bliss.

  2. I can’t stand the amount of time a manicure takes and then is chipped within the first few hours (usually getting into the car and getting the keys in the ignition) but love pedicures! You only have to get them quarterly if you choose and it just brightens my day to see a cheerful color on my feet! I may look into the Jammies though!
    Aunt Sue

  3. You always make me laugh. And hey, Jamberry makes every aspect of my diaper changing, bug catching, toilet cleaning life glamorous. I mean, how can you not get joy out of scrubbing a toilet when you get to look down at those beauties?! In all seriousness, I love Jams. Totally addicted and would never go on board with a product and company I didn’t back 110%. I love my kiddos but I love feeling a little less mom-ish at the end of the day! We just launched a totally new catalog and I’d love to share samples or help you order. Check ’em out – and if you buy 3 get 1 and mention this blog, you get entered into a drawing for extra sheet! Cutoff for that will be 9/10. Thanks again, Karen, and enjoy the glamour for weeks to come! 😉

  4. I tried jamboree for the first time last night and aside from a few wrinkles I am very satisfied with the results. I am excited to try them again 🙂

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