Labor Day Weekend in North Carolina

On Friday morning, we left at 5:30am to make our way to Clay’s parents outside of Wilmington, North Carolina. Due our early departure, we pulled into their driveway before noon and had the rest of the day to relax and soak up the bright rays of sunshine. Sure as hell beat sitting in traffic!


On Saturday morning, we drove across the Causeway to Caswell Beach on Oak Island, a family favorite.


 Weston attempted to catch fish with his net in the breaking waves.


 Violet sat in a bucket of water and soaked in the view (when not trying to escape our line of sight).


 Family picture to document our last summer beach weekend.


After the beach, we put on our Clemson gear and prepared ourselves for the 5:30pm game against Georgia. Clemson had an impressive first drive that resulted in a touchdown so we did the obvious thing – took a family picture with Mark Richt (Georgia’s coach) and sent it to the Georgia graduates in my family (Scott, Kelly, and Zach). This proved to be an over confident move on our part because Georgia ended up winning 45-21. Yup, Clemson officially Clemsoned their opening game. Oh, and can I just point our how our son resembles a bored 45 year-old businessman on his {toy} cell phone?


On Sunday morning, we didn’t let Clemson’s loss get us down. We borrowed Clay’s parents minivan and drove down to Southport to catch the ferry to Fort Fisher.


North Carolina has a great ferry system and we figured the kids would enjoy the boat ride over instead of driving 50+ minutes. We drove on to the ferry with a few minutes to spare and before long, we were on our way.


 Insert Lonely Island/T-Pain ‘I’m on a Boat!’ joke.


Our destination was the North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher. Despite Clay’s parents living outside of Wilmington for over 10 years, it was our first visit. Dare I say – I preferred it to the National Aquarium in Baltimore. It is on the smaller side but there is an albino alligator, {small} sharks, plenty of touchable exhibits well-staff by volunteers, and a pretty cool interactive dive show in the main tank. We left around noon and decided to scrap our beach plans due to cranky children in need of naps and the temperature being a ridiculous 97 degrees. We drove back to Clay’s parents house and spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing.


On Sunday night, Clay’s parents kicked us out of the house and told us to go out to dinner sans children while they do the whole bedtime routine. We ended up at the Yacht Basin Provision Company {Provisions} in Southport. We typically venture into downtown Wilmington for such date nights but we had a craving for steamed shrimp. And Southport just may be my favorite North Carolina coastal town so my arm never needs twisting to spend an evening there. Provisions certainly isn’t fancy but oh my goodness, it is delicious.


My handsome date for the night. We ate right on the water and quenched our thirst with IPA’s and Red Stripes.


1/2 pound of steamed shrimp and cucumber salad – my kind of meal!


After dinner, we strolled around Southport hand-in-hand and treated ourselves to some frozen yogurt. It was the perfect way to celebrate the unofficial end of summer. On Monday morning, we braced ourselves for a hellish drive up I-95 back to the DC metro area but much to our delight, the drive only took about 30 minutes longer than usual. Happy summer, indeed!


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