All The Fall Things!

Do you know that it’s fall? Perhaps you’ve noticed an increased presence of North Face fleeces, despite the still-warm temperatures. Same with UGG boots. Or maybe you’ve overheard, “Oh my gosh – pumpkin spice lattes are, like, my favorite thing ever” too many times to count. Is your Facebook feed overloaded with pumpkin patch pictures? Guess what? It’s FALL!!!!



Look – I love fall just as much as the next person.  In fact, I enjoy many of the activities featured on Buzzfeed’s 17 Fall Activities All Basic Girls Love. Fall is awesome. We’ve enjoyed our fair share of fall lately, like our jaunt to West Virginia and celebrating Oktoberfest this past weekend.

all-the-things{original source – Hyperbole and a Half}

Despite the fact that both Clay and I are of strong German heritage, we have yet to visit the homeland. Clay spent the night in Germany once on the way back to Afghanistan but that has been the extent of our time in Deutschland. Hopefully we will have the opportunity to travel there within the next few years but until then, we have to make due with neighborhood Oktoberfest celebrations stateside.


 We’re lucky that we have neighbors who brew their own beer!


Since no fall-related blog post would be complete without a Starbucks cup selfie, I’ll throw my recycled sleeve into the ring. Forget pumpkin spice lattes – nonfat chai latte’s are made from the nectar of gods. I’ve been working my way through our loose chai tea mix from Teavana that I {accidentally} bought for $70 (!!!) last year. And I can’t wait to try this Epicurious recipe once the weather gets a little cooler.


I discovered a delightfully crunchy fall-esque treat that is nothing short of miraculous – Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Brittle. If you are even remotely close to a Trader Joe’s {I will mourn the day we’re more than 5 minutes away from Trader Joe’s}, pick some up immediately.


Confession time – I have yet to find a pumpkin beer that I like. I think a couple of the neighborhood girls may shun me now. I like pumpkin. I like beer. And I think I don’t like pumpkin beer. Clay and I have been really getting into Dunkelweizen beers lately, which isn’t all that surprising because we rarely meet a wheat beer we don’t like. Dunkelweizens are essentially wheat beers that are brewed darker – a perfect fall beer in our book. Trader Joe’s (of course) version is a decent and inexpensive option.


 So while it may not look like fall yet in northern Virginia, it at least tastes like fall, right?


5 thoughts on “All The Fall Things!

  1. I concur with the pumpkin beer efforts on this coast until last Friday. We went to the last First Friday for Norfolk and Alewerks presented their pumpkin offering. It was medium bodied, but heavy in the clove-y flavoring. Not the best thing I’ve had ever, but enough to hit up Total Wine for a 6-pack (while patiently waiting for winter + New Belgium 2Below – my favorite seasonal).

  2. We just recently flew Space-A to Ramstein from BWI for a family member’s wedding in Germany. $210 round trip for a family of four, then stayed at Air Force lodging on base in a 3 bedroom apartment for $65/night. Lots of money left over for wine and beer tasting! Flights run pretty regularly, so seats for active duty and dependents are pretty easy to come by.

    1. Awesome! We have yet to fly space A so the process appears overwhelming. We are so close to BWI that it would be criminal to at least not try, right?

  3. I would be happy to help you sort out the Space A specifics 🙂 Clay would just have to have a lot of leave to play with, that is the hard part.

    I also haven’t found a pumpkin beer I like. I did try the Dogfish head ale’s Pumpkin, and that was the best yet. I will have to give the Aleworks a try.

    I am LOVING this weather as well. It makes me so happy 🙂

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