Being A Whole-Ass

I’ve never been shy about my love for Ron Swanson or Parks & Rec in general. I believe there are two type of people in this world – those who get Parks & Rec, and those who don’t. Obviously, those of us who do are superior. As Donna Meagle says, “We can GET it!” This past weekend, I was reminded of one of my favorite Ron Swanson quips…

never-half-ass-two-things-whole-ass-one-thingAlthough I currently stay home with young children, I have a variety of volunteer commitments that allow me to stay sane and prevent me from talking about my children 24/7 (as lovely as they are). I have a (maybe an irrational?) fear of becoming consumed by motherhood and loosing myself in the process of raising little beings into functioning members of society (no pressure!). So perhaps that’s why I am extremely active in the little guy’s preschool PTA, I am the {volunteer} librarian at his preschool, I am the FRG {Family Readiness Group} leader for Clay’s unit, and I teach Sunday School at our church. They’re not a full-time job with a nice paycheck but they’re enough to keep me busy outside of the home. It was while working at the preschool consignment sale on Saturday that I pretty much crumbled and realized I was half-assing two things rather than whole-assing one thing.

The details aren’t really important, but on Saturday night, I went to bed feeling like I let everybody down – specifically my family and the other volunteers who worked long and hard hours along side me. It was a horrible feeling. While volunteering is extremely important to me, I am beginning to realize that I need to find a way to better balance it all. Or at least learn how to say no. Because being a half-asser is never a good thing.


There are many out there who likely dismiss my decision to stay-home as lazy or selfish. That’s their prerogative. I do know that when I re-enter the workforce in the next few years, my time at home will be of value. I’ve had the opportunity to serve on boards, be part of community-action teams, and hone invaluable skills. My decision to stay home has not set feminism back but rather help propel it forward because I have a choice – society is not making the choice for me. But during these last few years at home, I need to make sure that I am choosing my volunteer commitments wisely – after all, I don’t want to half-ass this pretty sweet stay-at-home-with-the-kids gig.


3 thoughts on “Being A Whole-Ass

  1. This was SO awesomely said! I’m laughing and nodding on agreement. Being a ‘yes girl’ to everyone helps no one. Go get em mama!

  2. Being a full-time mom is hard work, you don’t need to apologize or feel like you have to do more. Take it from one who is a bit further along than you, you are doing a good job!

    From a SAHM married to my Air Force hero who is going on 19 years active duty!

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