Candy and Cake

Another Halloween season is in the books. We took the easy route this year with our costumes – Weston proved that he’s more than meets the eye and went as Optimus Prime (thank you Target). As is the case with most five-year-olds, the little guy did not wear the accompanying mask. Clay wore an Optimus Prime mask Weston received for his birthday and pinned optimistic phrases on his sweatshirt, turning himself into Optimist Prime (hardee har har).
10653512_10101680215860868_2548663578826006435_nAnd Violet and I were Supermarket Sweep contestants. As we all know, Supermarket Sweep was one of the greatest game shows in the history of television.


Our Halloween began on Thursday with a Trunk-or-Treat at Weston’s preschool and continued on Friday with an afternoon Trunk-or-Treat at Clay’s work and regular trick-or-treating with neighbors on Friday night after a potluck dinner. As expected, the candy haul was way too much and for the sake of our teeth and waistlines, 80% of it will be removed from the house.


On Saturday, we decorated our neighborhood community center and hosted Weston’s 5th Birthday LEGO Party. We couldn’t have asked for a better turn-out and had a great time celebrating the little guy’s milestone birthday with preschool friends and neighbors. He sure is a lucky kid.


My mom was in town for Halloween and the little guy’s party while my dad was in Asia for work. It was great for her to experience the holiday and the party with the kids. The military has prevented us from living close enough to our parents to spend time together that doesn’t involve planning, taking time off work, and traveling a major distance. So we’re incredibly thankful that this opportunity popped up for her to spend some time with us.


7 thoughts on “Candy and Cake

  1. I’m so glad someone else remembers Supermarket Sweep. I remember their line, “Everytime you that beep, think of all the fun you’ll have on Supermarket Sweep!” . Ahh, memories.

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