The 2014 Christmas Card

Christmas photo cards are no longer simple prints you pick up at Walgreens with straightforward messages of seasons greetings, peace, and goodwill. Today, there is an entire industry built upon the Christmas photo card. Multiple companies specialize in helping you curate the perfect card and I’ve read that some people (e.g. not me) spend upwards of $3.00 per card. Some people fall squarely into the anti-Christmas photo card camp – believing them to be tacky and unnecessary. Suffice to say, I am not part of that brigade. I love sending and receiving Christmas photo cards. In fact, I have every single photo card that has been sent to us over the past 10 years. Our collection gets packed away with the Christmas stuff and it’s fun to go back and see how families have changed over the years.

There was a great article circulating around Facebook last week – What My Flawless Holiday Card Says About Me as a Mom. There have been years when our Christmas card was flawless – 2007 still reigns as my favorite. Now that we have young children, taking a magazine-worthy picture seems like a pipe dream. And we always include our dog, Lucy, which adds an extra layer of complications. It seems like each year I have high-hopes to hone my photoshop skills and create a laugh-out-loud vignette but lack of time (and talent) assures that a more traditional photo is used. This year was no different.


One afternoon in November, we went into the woods behind our house and took some photos with the intention of using one for this year’s Christmas card. As pictured here, Violet spent the majority of the photo shoot running like hell. In the picture above, she is taking off after Lucy. Those of you who know Violet, understand how this picture sums her up perfectly. If Violet weren’t so blurry and Lucy in the frame, this totally would have been the winning shot.


 And another one. Sadly, she is super blurry in this one as well.

The secret is out – I am not a professional photographer.


The runner-up.

christmas card2

The winner! It isn’t perfect by any means but it captures Lucy focusing on a squirrel, Weston doing his goofy “say cheese” smile, Violet hamming it up, and Clay and I looking presentable. The camera remote may be visible but I like to think that it sums up our 2014 – flaws and all.


The picture on the back of the card though – absolute perfection!


One thought on “The 2014 Christmas Card

  1. Love this! I’m a Christmas card lover too. And I have to say, when I’m taking pictures for other families, I find myself reminding Mom that it’s okay not to have perfection. Those are actually my favorite pictures because they’re a true reflection of personalities and the family! Your card turned out perfectly if you ask me.

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