December 22nd.

The little guy is home on winter break and won’t return to school until the new year so the next few days will be a cookie-making and craft-filled extravaganza. It’s about to get all Martha Stewart up in here with a side of Alton Brown (I’m throwing down the gauntlet and attempting to make marshmallows from scratch). Coffee-filter wreaths? You betcha. Mod Podge Instagram canvas? Don’t mind if I do.


Since we’re waking up in our own home on Christmas this year, Clay is working up until the holiday but fingers-crossed it should be a fairly relaxed week. Fear not though, we’re not staying completely put this year – we’re leaving for our annual tour of the South the day after Christmas. The jury is still out whether we’ll be able to travel for the holidays from our yet-to-be-announced location next year so it makes sense to visit family while we have the time and means to do so.


These last few days before Christmas, I am trying to not worry about everything being perfect or magical or whatever Pinterest thinks I should be doing as the matriarch of the family. After all, Santa will be leaving presents wrapped in paper covered in licensed characters – not exactly blog worthy but they’ll absolutely love it, which is what really matters this time of year, don’t you think?


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