First Post of the Year – Holiday Recap

Happy 2015! We woke up this morning just outside of Charlotte, North Carolina, where we enjoyed the hospitality of Clay’s sister, Meredith, and her family for the night before braving the rest of the drive to the mid-Atlantic portion of our great country. Our annual Holiday Tour of the South is now complete – while it was great seeing our families and flirting with warmer temperatures, we’re happy to be back in northern Virginia.



We chose to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at home this year with just our little family of four – a first for us. We braved the early evening Christmas Eve service at our church and wore matching pajamas to bed, doing our best to fit the stereotypical mold of our demographic.


Christmas morning was filled with gifts, homemade cinnamon rolls, and an afternoon stroll around the National Mall. I still can’t believe that we have the opportunity to spend time at so many great monuments and important United States landmarks. It will be just one of the many things we will miss about the area when we leave.


We were southbound the day after Christmas, arriving at Clay’s parents outside of Wilmington, NC in the early afternoon hours. Clay’s sisters and their families were also there for the weekend so we had another Christmas celebration. When we weren’t opening presents or eating, we were at the beach. With temperatures in the high-60s, we couldn’t have asked for a better winter day on the water.




After exhausting ourselves in coastal North Carolina, we headed to my parents house on Lake Lanier in Gainesville, Georgia. There we watched Clemson dominate Oklahoma (go Tigers!), hiked through the woods, enjoyed a day date in Dalohnaga, had yet another Christmas celebration, and rang in the new year in pajamas while holding glasses of Champagne sparking wine.



With another road trip almost under our belts, I can’t help but be thankful for the opportunity to travel and see our families. Many times, people look at us as if we have two heads whenever we talk about the road trips we’ve taken with two young kids. I like to say that surviving such trips in the car is all about a positive attitude and a sense of adventure, but what do I know? And seeing as how we can’t afford to fly every time we want to see our families or go someplace new, it is either drive or stay put. And I don’t know about you guys, but we’re just not ‘staying put’ type of people. We are only a couple days into the new year and 2015 is already proving to be quite the year and will no doubt be filled with new adventures and a change of scenery. And no, we are definitely not staying put this year.


3 thoughts on “First Post of the Year – Holiday Recap

  1. We get the same looks when we tell people that we drive with our kids! But I’m the same as you – totally not a “stay put” person! It looks like y’all had a fabulous trip. The beach looks amazing; what great weather! Happy 2015! Hope it’s a fantastic year for y’all!

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