The First Snow Day of the Year

The first snowfall of the season is upon us in the national capital region. What began as a dusting in the wee hours turned into a solid 2-3 inches that pretty much shut-down the morning commute in northern Virginia. Fort Belvoir was business-as-usual so Clay threw on his cold weather gear and brushed off his car like a boss (my car has the coveted garage spot). To be frank – our time spent at Fort Drum turned us into quasi-assholes about winter weather. We roll our eyes at milk and bread runs when a mere two inches of snow is forecasted and we can’t help sighing when complaints are heard about 20 degree temperatures or single digit wind chills. But snow and freezing temperatures in this part of the country? It’s no joke. This morning, disabled cars lined the streets, major arteries were at a standstill, and too many school buses to count found themselves stuck or in a ditch (for reasons I won’t ever understand, Fairfax County Schools didn’t have a two-hour delay).

The little guy’s preschool cancelled classes today so we had our first snow day (minus Clay) of the year. It looks like we will be moving to a warmer climate this spring/summer (more on that when it actually becomes official) so this will be our last winter of snow days for at least a couple of years.


And she’s off…this is what I get when I try to get a picture of the both of them.


Violet loved the snow. For about 30 minutes. And then all hell broke loose.

I received a new lens for my DSLR so I have vowed to finally learn how to take semi-decent pictures in manual mode. I played around with it this morning and would love to offer my photos for ridicule (the above two were taken with my phone) but I can’t find our memory card USB adapter so my practice shots are currently being held hostage by my Nikon. And you know what? It’s probably for the best.


9 thoughts on “The First Snow Day of the Year

  1. Ahh I miss the snow! Love getting the chance to spend a few years in a warm climate though, I’m sure you all will enjoy it too – for now take in all those cold weather/snow activities! (and I only really like being out in the snow for about 30 mins so I think Violet and I can relate 😉 )

    1. I miss the snow too! A friend of mine still up at Fort Drum reported that the storm overnight brought 24 inches of snow and it’s still falling. Quite a lot more than the 2-3 we received here. 🙂

  2. Looks like you guys had a fun day! I live in AZ now and I miss seeing snow. I don’t miss the accompanying low temps, though. 😉 Looking forward to hearing where the Army takes you next.

    1. I grew up in Phoenix. We would always drive a couple hours north to play in the snow at least a couple times a year. I saw more snow in AZ than I did living in NC or OK. Haha.

      1. I have a lot of friends that did that this year. I was home sick & couldn’t join in on the fun, but hopefully I can make it to Flagstaff soon when they get another good snowfall. I’m just outside Phx, so it’s not a far drive at all. 🙂

  3. Yesterday was insanity. I’ve never seen anything like it. I can do snow, and do the eye rolling that stems from growing up in a really snowy climate, but holy moly yesterday was kind of terrifying. I definitely called my dad to thank him for his insistence I take the super driving class. (The car with the roll cage.) The school districts that didn’t delay yesterday have some serious answering to do, as well as the governments that decided against pre-treating the roads. What a mess.

  4. I was surprised that my kids didn’t have a two hour delay yesterday too. And I would have thought at PennDOT would have had their acts more together since they’re apparently used to the snow, but the roads were a huge mess! It was my first time driving in the snow, and I didn’t wreck the car! The kids had a blast playing around after school. Looks like yours had fun too!

  5. I will admit I am full asshole about the snow 🙂

    Here it is, Friday, and they had another delay, due to ice?!! C’mon, guys, really?

    I will take 20 and sunny over 85 with 80% humidity. Any day.

    Glad you guys had a fun day, we did as well 🙂

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