Seizing the Long Weekends

For the long Martin Luther King Jr. weekend we originally planned to add a new state or two to the kids’ Quest for 50 States. But then some unexpected repairs popped up for our Oklahoma house so our MLK-vacation fund turned into the ‘new master bathroom shower’ fund and we decided to stay put over the long weekend. But then as time went on, we realized that we wanted to take advantage of the four-day weekend. So when Clay came home from his TDY late last Thursday night, we made a last minute decision to get away over the four-day holiday weekend and drive down to coastal North Carolina to visit Clay’s parents (aka free lodging and good company). On Friday morning, we watched the sun rise while driving on I-95S and by early afternoon, we were at the beach.






We’re certainly no strangers to Wilmington, North Carolina and the surrounding area. While the trip wasn’t filled with new adventures, new places, or new faces – it was a nice relaxing weekend with ample opportunities to play on the beach and adult-only dinners and dates. We could have easily just stayed home after canceling our original plans but what is the fun in that? Life isn’t about meticulously planning every minute – it’s about seizing opportunities and making the most of precious time. Some people may think we’re crazy for embarking on a last minute 7+ hour road-trip with two young kids but we just like to think that we’re showing them just how fun life can be when you’re willing to just go.


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