44 Miles

One of my goals for 2015 is to run at least 40 miles per month. In the past, I’ve viewed running as a means to an end – a cardio activity in which I would randomly participate (roughly 5 miles/month or so) with a rare organized race thrown into the mix. I never classified myself as a runner – just someone who would run on occasion. Although, once while getting a pedicure I was asked if I was a runner and I answered yes because it seemed easier than responding, “No, my feet are just naturally this grotesque.


But something is changing. During the month of January, I ran 44 miles. They weren’t fast miles but they were miles nonetheless. And believe it or not, I can now honestly say that I enjoy running – something I didn’t think was possible.


In fact, I’ve already logged 12 miles so far this month and look forward to running more than 44 miles in February. I wouldn’t necessarily claim that I am a runner but I am well on my way. And maybe soon, I will have a valid excuse for my horrid-looking feet.


4 thoughts on “44 Miles

  1. good for you! I’ve always found running as a way to get out in the sunshine and burn off some energy and steam. It actually helps me be a better wife and mother, I think!

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