Family Outings

When Clay and I first met with our wedding DJ, I had one request – under no circumstance was she to play We Are Family by Sister Sledge because I find the reception-staple to be one of the most annoying songs ever recorded. I am happy to report that we left for our honeymoon without hearing “I got all my sisters with me.” Our 10+ years of wedded bliss could very much be attributed to the absence of that song during our nuptial day. But that’s not to say that I’m anti-family, just anti-Sledge. In fact, our past two weekends were filled with family. As we prepare to PCS this summer, we’re taking advantage of our current location as much as we can. At this duty station, it’s been nice having members of our family relatively close – anywhere from a three hour to 12 hour drive.


Clay went TDY a couple of weeks ago to Ft. Bragg. It had been about 8 months since we were last down there so I loaded up the car with the kids and Lucy and made the 7 hour drive to Martha’s (Clay’s sister) house. They’ve been stationed there for awhile now so it’s nice to have a place to stay when Clay has business to do at Ft. Bragg.  Clay met us the next day and we spent the weekend in Fayetteville where we enjoyed the warmer temperatures, the backyard playground, barbecue, and the North Carolina sun.  Needless to say, the kids had a blast with their cousins.


And then this past weekend, my sister, Megan and her family came down from the Philly ‘burbs. The DC-area experienced record-low temperatures so we did our best to find activities that didn’t involve being outside for too long. On Saturday, we went to Skyline Caverns and let the boys pretend they were spelunkers, complete with lit hardhats.


The caverns were about as stroller-friendly as caverns can be so I highly recommend taking young kids there for a fun family outing. An added bonus was that the 54 degree caverns were quite a bit warmer than the outside temperature.

FullSizeRender 2

Speaking of which, area schools were cancelled again today and I fear they will be closed tomorrow and Friday due to below-average temperatures. Fingers-crossed that schools are open tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Family Outings

  1. So interesting that the caverns were warmer than the outside temperature. I would think it would be even colder. Having said that, I’m ready to go camp out in them until NY decides to get its act together and get out of negative temperatures.

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