We’re Off To…


The Army has spoken through official orders…we’re PCSing to Fort Leavenworth this summer. Our time there will be brief – only about a year – and then we’re off on another not-yet-determined assignment. It’s funny, when a non-Army person asks we’re heading, our Fort Leavenworth, Kansas response typically yields a look of sympathy and “at least it’s not for long“. But those familiar with Command and General Staff College (CGSC) give us a knowing smile and excitedly tell us how wonderful of a year it is and how it will be a great family experience.


Fort Leavenworth is about 40 miles northwest of Kansas City, Missouri so we will be in close proximity to good bbq, beer, music, and sports. Those of you unfamiliar with that part of the country, please don’t feel sorry for us…Kansas City is an amazing place – Huffington Post even named it the Coolest City in America. We plan to make the most of our time at Leavenworth and look forward to calling the area ‘home’ – at least for a little while.


13 thoughts on “We’re Off To…

      1. Definitely!!! You can tell Weston Kansas City even has Legoland! 🙂 not quite like Legoland in CA but still fun! We went there on Sat. With the girls! They also have Fritz’s restaurant in Crown Center. A train brings you your food!

  1. How fun! I grew up as a military brat and actually miss the adventure of moving every so often. New people, new places to explore. Excited for you.

  2. We spent 7 yrs on the other side of KC at Whiteman AFB. I loved it. I would have happily spent the rest of my life there. I think you will find a lot to love there.

  3. Yay! Kansas was the best! We had two tours in Wichita (AF) and absolutely loved it, in fact we talk about retiring there. The folks were soooo friendly.

  4. We loved our year in Leavenworth! Enjoy your time there, and if you need any advice, or have any questions about the area, feel free to ask! Kansas City is such a great city and Leavenworth is a perfect small town.

  5. Oh wow–I feel like it was just yesterday you were announcing your current assignment! Life sure does start moving fast in the latter half of a military career, yeah? I’ve heard nothing but great things about Kansas City, I’ll bet y’all have an amazing year there!

  6. It will be great. Marc commuted for the 2 years in from Kansas City but most people love living on post or in Lansing. I’m actually headed to KC in a few weeks to check on our house and hang with my girls.

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