White Carnations

Over at Buzzfeed, there is an interesting article about Anna Jarvis, creator of Mother’s Day, and how she was sorry she ever invented the ‘holiday’. Over the years, she fought the commercialization of the day – even declaring the simple white carnation as the honorary flower. But her efforts fell on deaf ears and she passed away in 1948 absolutely disgusted that her simple and heartfelt message to mothers had transformed into a day filled with pre-printed cards and cheap candy.


I think I fall somewhere in the middle – I have no interest attending a formal brunch or receiving a Hallmark card (in fact, I am pretty much anti-card and don’t send them for any occasion with the exception of Christmas) but I sure do appreciate a nice bouquet of flowers and a gift certificate to a spa certainly doesn’t hurt (thanks babe!). And the Mother’s Day Tea at preschool? I live for those. Clay and I did send our mothers little tokens of appreciation in addition to phone calls so the holiday certainly isn’t written off in our home.


All I wanted yesterday was to spend the day together as a family. I slept in (’till 7:30am!) while Clay tended to the kids and whipped up some bacon and eggs. We went to church and then the kids gave me a fantastic gift – they both napped at the same time. It was a Mother’s Day miracle. After the house awoke, we went went canoeing for the first time as a family of four at a nearby lake. We didn’t tip over and there were no tears so success. It felt great to be on the water. Clay and I have kayaks but the kids are still a few years away from getting their own so I think a canoe purchase will be in our near future…they have lakes in Kansas, right? 😉

After canoeing, we spit in the face of convention and went out for frozen yogurt instead of dinner. That’s how we roll. Clay took lead on bath and bedtime routine while Lucy and I went for a long walk in the woods. Hard to believe that Lucy will be 10 next month – we brought her home in August 2005 and have unconditionally loved (and she us!) since…our first baby, so to speak. My Mother’s Day was a simple day. And it was a great day filled with love, ‘adventure’ and frozen yogurt – I’d like to think that it met Anna Jarvis’ seal of approval.


7 thoughts on “White Carnations

  1. Glad to hear I’m not the only one that tells my family not to give in to the commercialization of the day and that it was not the founder’s intent. I tell my kids I love it when they make me things at school or on their own to tell me how they feel about me and our love. Then we have fun together as a family. I don’t ever want my family to feel they need to go out and buy me things for the day. A spa gift card would be nice, but my DH made me the most fantastic dinner and I get the leftovers for lunch today!!!

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