The Ripping of the Band-Aid


In about 30 days or less, we will be leaving the DC Metro area for the land of sunflowers, tornadoes, and delicious BBQ. These last few weeks will be bittersweet – we have loved so many things about our not-quite-three-years here and will miss the museums, the Potomac, the greenery, and the friends we’ve picked up along the way. But the excitement associated with embarking on a new adventure makes the ripping of the band-aid a little less painful.

I often get asked by non-military families if it bothers us to move so often. Truth be told, I feel like we don’t move that much, at least compared to other military families. This PCS will be our 5th move in 10 years, which may seem quite high in the civilian world but par for the course in military land. While certain aspects of moving are stressful (e.g. we will not know our address until we’re assigned housing when we get to Kansas, which means our mail situation will likely get a little messy), I tend to enjoy the process of purging our house (I’m trying to follow the advice of Marie Kondo) and the opportunity to ‘start over’. And I do fully embrace the idea that attitude is the difference between an ordeal and an adventure, which helps me manage the crazier aspects of PCSing.


However, it is beginning to sink it that we will be saying goodbye to an area of the country we have fallen in love with. We will likely be back at some point during Clay’s career but it won’t be the same. Nothing ever is. The Washington DC area will forever be intertwined with memories of our young family – Weston’s first day of preschool, the birth of Violet, and the celebration of our 10 year wedding anniversary are just a few highlights on the reel marked Fall 2012 – Spring 2015. For me, home isn’t a concrete place – home is wherever I happen to be with my family. And for the past 32 months, home has been this area. We will make new homes together as we continue to follow the Army’s orders. But we will never forget our home here.


4 thoughts on “The Ripping of the Band-Aid

  1. I love the adventure of military life and moving. We are at our 4th duty station in 8 years and we love it. 🙂 Good luck in your new adventures.

  2. You are moving away and we have just arrived here. I can easily see how this is an area that could be hard to leave. I wish you luck in your new adventure!

  3. I love your perspective on this. We are getting ready to close our Hawaii chapter and it’s such a giant bittersweet feeling bubbling up within me. We still don’t have our orders (fun times), but we have a pretty good idea where we will be headed. We know we will love the area, but leaving the place where we have grown so much as a young couple is HARD!

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