Then & Now

I wrote a long and rambling post for Memorial Day that I ultimately decided not to post because it feels too raw and too rough around the edges. To be honest, I found it to be too much about me and my experience and not about those no longer with us. And that just seemed wrong. There are nuggets that I’d like to eventually nurture into full posts but for now, it will stay in draft form. Our holiday weekend was spent outside of Philadelphia with my sister and her family. We braved Sesame Place, roasted marshmallows around the fire pit, took advantage of their close proximity to a Wawa, and most importantly, we remembered those whose service to their country resulted in the ultimate sacrifice.


Our neighborhood pool opened over the weekend so we’ve been spending our afternoons there and determined to make the most of living within walking distance of the pool during our last few weeks in Virginia. But perhaps the biggest news in our household is that we officially have a kindergartner in the house (what-what). For old time sake, check out this post from his very first day of preschool. We were still living in temporary lodging on JBAB, we were a family of three, and thrilled to have just moved to the nation’s capital.


And here we are now – the little guy is a not-so-little five-years-old and officially a Pre-K graduate, we added a rambunctious little girl into the mix, and we’re in the process of saying goodbye to Washington DC. We still have no idea what elementary school Weston will attend and we won’t know until we arrive at Fort Leavenworth and told which student housing area we’re assigned (just one of the many joys associated with PCSing). But we know it will be one of three so at least we have that going for us. He is a little nervous to be starting a new school in a new state but I have no doubt that his resilient attitude will pull him through. However, we welcome any advice you may have to help aid with the transition because as most people know from experience, five can be quite the emotional roller-coaster.

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The best we could do…



4 thoughts on “Then & Now

  1. I have no advice about the elementary schools at Ft. Leavenworth since we lived off post, but if you’re looking for a preschool for your daughter, check out Trinity Lutheran. My daughter’s class was mostly kids from CGSC families and her teacher is still there!

  2. You will love Leavenworth! I second Trinity Lutheran PS, and don’t think you can go wrong with any of the elementary schools on post- it’s a great community, perfectly adapted to the CGSC student “lifestyle.” Best wishes for an uneventful PCS.

  3. When Noah started kindergarten, we talked A LOT beforehand how everyone at the school in kindergarten would be new and everyone would be making to look new friends. That seemed to help him a lot – to know that everyone would be new to the school there. We also talked in specifics about how to make friends – i.e., if you see someone you want to play with, going up and asking their name, telling them your name, and asking them if the wanted to play…etc.

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