A Seemingly Insignificant Two Days

There was nothing remarkable about this past weekend. But the collection of seemingly insignificant moment added up to a pretty two days. We didn’t try new food, we didn’t visit any new sights, and we didn’t participate in any activities that we haven’t done before. We just stuck close to home and did some things that we love to do. Like…


  • Friday night was wine night!
  • Clay and I took turns going for an early morning run. The humidity was already insane at 7:00am so I struggled because apparently I have coddled lungs that can’t the handle swamp on which the D.C. area is built. I’ve never had a desire to live in interior Florida but if it is anything like I experienced Saturday morning, you’ll never convince me that it is not hell on earth.
  • We checked out a vendors market and a car show at the American Legion. It was an interesting mix of really cool vehicles and “Huh – you really think that is car show worthy?” Weston’s favorite was a 1926 Pontiac because it had a tool box on the side.
  • Because it was sweltering, we spent the majority of the afternoons at the neighborhood pool.
  • A family hike in the woods was fun until TICKS!
  • We even let Lucy off the leash. Shhh.
  • A lovely sitter watched the kids while we went to the new fancy-pants movie theater to see Aloha. Despite the negative reviews, we enjoyed Cameron Crowe’s latest venture. And we fell in love with the scenery (because, of course) so we looked up airfare to spend ILE Spring Break in Hawaii. The balloon quickly deflated because the four of us could fly to Puerto Rico for 1/3 of the price. So we are now hoping for a future assignment in Hawaii. And no, we don’t really care what everyone has to say about the schools.
  • After the movie – beer at Yard House.
  • There was quick visit from Grandpa and Grandma (Clay’s parents).
  • They brought me candy. Aren’t they the best?
  • Weston exercised his entrepreneurial skills with a lemonade stand!
  • And finally, Sunday night consisted of more beer and hanging outside with neighbors.

FullSizeRender 15

Happy June.


3 thoughts on “A Seemingly Insignificant Two Days

  1. It sounds like a wonderful weekend! Exercise, pool, date night, and more?! Sweet! Also, my dad was stationed at Hickam AFB in Hawaii when I was a kid. Best. Memories. Ever. (Except for the rats and cockroaches. Ha! Can’t have it all, right?)

  2. Come visit me in Hawaii whenever you want! There are certainly parts of it that aren’t accurately portrayed in that movie (or any ever made about this place), but we love it here and never want to leave!

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