A Weekend of Goodbyes

Our time here is dwindling and we’re scrambling to say see you later to our friends in the area – old and new alike. We’ve been spoiled here, not only have we met some wonderful people, we’ve also had the opportunity to see high school, college, and previous duty-station friends again. So perhaps that is why of all the places we’ve lived, Northern Virginia has felt the most like home. Or maybe it is the history, the lush green spaces, the proximity to the fittest city in the United States, the ample military presence, and the seemingly never-ending adventures.


As the title suggests, this was a weekend of goodbyes. On Friday night, I went out with a group of fellow preschool-mom’s whom I’ve grown close with over the past three years and stayed out later than I’ve been in years. On Saturday, we went to the birthday party of one of Weston’s classmates and said goodbye to even more people. Later that afternoon, we met up with friends at The Winery at Bull Run, where we drank wine, shared a picnic dinner, and let our kids run free within the (fenced) family-friendly tasting area. Sunday morning was our last service at our church and then we hosted a pulled-pork dinner with friends from Clay’s current unit. It was an exhausting weekend in the best way possible.

IMG_4897 2

Our goodbyes seem more difficult this time around and definitely more drawn-out. Clay and I tend to be low-key when it comes making our exit from various duty stations and I’ll admit to even ghosting a couple of times. Maybe we’re beginning to grow tired of moving (…nah), maybe it’s because this area feels the most like home (see above), or maybe it’s because we finally have a child who is cognizant about the change happening around him (likely).


We still have another weekend of goodbyes ahead of us. And then more of the not-so-fun parts of moving – spackleling, painting, cleaning, and all that jazz. But we’re no strangers to this rodeo and we know that the day we really say goodbye will be upon us before we know it. So it’s probably a good thing we came home with some bottles from The Winery at Bull Run…if PCSing doesn’t warrant good wine, I don’t want to know what does!



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