The First Two Weeks

We arrived at Fort Leavenworth almost two weeks ago and our little family of four immediately earned Kansas-resident status by managing to get trapped in the commissary with no power during a tornado warning. It appears that our time at Fort Still, Oklahoma will have prepared us well for the famed unpredictable midwest weather. In other exciting news, our household goods were delivered last weekend with little fanfare. Our stuff is a little worse for the wear (to be expected when schlepping furniture halfway across the country) but we managed to emerge from our moving day fiasco with no major damage. And as of this afternoon, every single box is unpacked. Hip hip hooray.


We are living on post in Infantry Barracks – a group of buildings built in 1902/1903 that were converted into family apartments sometime around WW2. Our unit has hardwood floors, 14-foot ceilings, skeleton key door knobs, crown molding detail throughout, and enough charm to make up for the small bathrooms and oddly laid-out kitchen. Infantry Barracks currently house primarily Command and General Staff College (CGSC) families so we joke that our little neighborhood filled with people eager to meet people, beer, and discussion of school makes it feel quite like college…but with kids.


View of the Missouri River from Fort Leavenworth

I’ve mentioned before that those who are unfamiliar with Fort Leavenworth and CGSC often gave us a look of pity when they discovered the Army was sending us to Kansas. Please don’t feel sorry for us. In the short amount of time we’ve been here, we’ve fallen in love with Kansas City and the surrounding areas. Would we want to live here forever? Probably not. But then again, in our world, living somewhere longer than three years is a completely foreign concept. So until we find our Shambhala we’ll just spend the year discovering why so many people decided to call Kansas City home.


2 thoughts on “The First Two Weeks

  1. I got stuck at the Navy exchange during a tornado warning but for some silly reason the herded us to the food court….where there are windows and a glass door….

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