Excitement for the Unknown

Alternatively titled – The First Day of Kindergarten.


When Weston was placed on my chest for the first time, I was overwhelmed by a variety of emotions – not one stronger than the other. I was in love. I was excited. And I was scared. I remember being consumed by the fear of knowing that the two of us were responsible for caring for a tiny little being despite being twenty-somethings who couldn’t remember to change the air filters on a semi-regular basis (confession – we’re now thirty-somethings who still struggle with this task). But it was an excited fear – like the kind felt on the ride up the initial hill of a roller coaster because you just know it is going to be one hell of a ride. And our parenting experiences over the past (almost) six years have only verified what we’ve found to be true in almost every aspect of our life together – there is great excitement in the unknown.

DSC03683-2 (1)

This picture is brought to you by fear. And love. But also fear. Did I mention fear?

Over the past few months, I’ve reassured Weston that is perfectly okay to be nervous and excited at the same time about moving to a new state and starting kindergarten. His preschool experience was nothing short of amazing so for Weston, the idea of adapting to a new environment seemed daunting at times. Thankfully, he loves the art of the learning and he enjoys socializing with other children but he is also cautious and acutely aware of his surroundings so he approached the first day of school with mild excitement and trepidation.

Unfortunately, Clay was unable to accompany us on his first day but a fellow kindergarten mom managed to capture this photo. I just love how his unsureness can be easily read on his face and how angry Violet looks because I wouldn’t let her follow Weston into the classroom. And while my smile showcases my excitement for the little guy as he begins his academic journey, the photo hides the tears I was furiously blinking away in disbelief of how much our first born has grown over the past five years.


I’m happy to report that his first day of kindergarten was a success. Weston came home bursting at the seams with excitement – he couldn’t wait to tell us about everything he experienced on his own – away from the comforts of home. I know today won’t be the last time he leaves only to return with fantastic stories about his many adventures. This first day of kindergarten is just the beginning. The world is vast and just begging to be explored. And I take comfort in the fact that we’ve taught him about the excitement of the unknown.


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