Another First Day

In addition to the little guy embarking on his kindergarten adventure the other day, Clay had his first official day of school (CGSC for those familiar with Army acronyms). Over the past few months, Clay has spent more time at home than he ever has since commissioning into the Army. And after the last 11+ years, it was a welcomed break. With the start of his school year, our days will return to the regular scheduled programming with one major exception – I will be able to wake up every morning next to my husband. In subsequent years, the current climate dictates that there will be more separations, more TDY’s, and likely more deployments but for this school year – Clay will be home.


 At the last WeekEnder Concert of the season in Kansas City

Some may wonder why we willingly chose to move somewhere for just a year instead of having Clay geo-bach (term for when the family stays behind while the military member moves to a new duty station) or why he didn’t decline the resident course at Fort Leavenworth and attend the same course at a satellite campus (about a 4-month TDY). There are perks to both scenarios for sure – arguably more stability in regard to Weston and school, not moving twice in an 11-month period, and the opportunity to get settled at his next (still unknown and will be for quite some time) duty station (wherever we go next, we will likely be there 2-3 years). But for us, there was never any doubt. We plan to take full advantage of this opportunity to spend an uninterrupted year together as a family. So far, so good.


7 thoughts on “Another First Day

  1. I LOVE that you all chose to stay together as a family and soak up every minute of the family time! My husband is a captain, and we always joke that his captains course was SUCH a honeymoon time!

  2. I couldn’t agree more with your decision. I had lots of friends ask me why I moved to Okinawa with my husband when he will be gone SO MUCH. And I just felt like the pros of the time together we’d get in Asia, or traveling, was completely worth it – in the same way if/when we also go next to a resident ILE I will be looking forward to the same benefits even if it means an extra move!

    1. Our kids have absolutely LOVED having Clay home so much. That alone is worth the (minor) annoyances that accompany living in a place for only a year.

  3. We’ve had 2 back to back 1 year tours and it looks like this one will be a 2 year followed by (fingers-crossed) a year at school. We will go through anything to be together because there are too many times when we can’t be….

  4. I actually really like the shorter PCSs! But even if I didn’t up until now, there really wouldn’t be any other option. With the girls starting school, interrupting school for them isn’t ideal, but separating our family wouldn’t really be either..

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