My Very First Stitch Fix Box – An Honest Review

I have never been on the cutting edge of trends, which is probably why it took me so long to finally jump on the Stitch Fix bandwagon. A personal styling service, Stitch Fix sends five items of clothing (or accessories) for you to try on in the comfort of your own home. The cost of the service is $20, but if you purchase anything in the box the $20 styling fee goes toward the cost of the item(s). Furthermore, if you purchase all five items, you receive a 25% discount.


Truth be told, I’ve side-eyed Stitch Fix since I first read/heard about it a couple of years ago. While I enjoyed reading box reviews on various blogs, the price-point of the clothes seemed a little high and I wasn’t sold on the need for a stylist. But recently, I’ve been trying to make an effort to dress beyond workout clothes during the week. And since I don’t particularly enjoy shopping for clothes with my kids in tow (or let’s face it, just shopping for clothes period), this seemed like as good of a time as any to see what the fuss was about.


I went to, filled out an online profile, created a Pinterest Style board, and eagerly awaited my inaugural box. About a week later, it arrived via USPS.


Inside were my five articles of clothing, a detailed style guide, an invoice, and a personal note from my ‘stylist’. Note – stylist is Stitch Fix’s term, not mine. I get the impression that the Stitch Fix stylist/customer relationship is pretty impersonal, despite their insistence otherwise, and I am 100% convinced that a human stylist did not put much thought, if any, into my order.


 The clothes are wrapped in tissue paper so they must be classy!


I tried on my items while Clay was out for a run so I used the self-timer on my phone while it was propped up against a mug of coffee, hence the sub-par quality. But since low-resolution pictures tend to hide cellulite and wrinkles, I consider it a win.


Le Sample Cresta Crew Neck Blouse – $48

I loved this fabric when I first spotted it in the stack of folded clothes. Unfortunately, I knew it wouldn’t work before I tried it on. I am not self-consious about my stomach and work hard to keep it flat so I tend to stay away from blouses that make my stomach look bigger. And I don’t really care to encourage the general public to guess if I’m pregnant or not. It also doesn’t help that it falls on the widest part of my hips. And since I have child-bearing hips that would make a feudal peasant weep, I rely on more figure-skimming shirts to help keep things proportional. As mentioned, I do love the fabric, as well as the neckline and sleeve situation (or the lack there of). If this blouse skimmed my waist rather than float away from it, I would have kept it in a heartbeat.

Verdict? Return.


 Sweet Grey Eveleigh Knit Top – $64

Interestingly enough, this top has dark grey stripes (not blue, not black – as it would appear in the pictures above). The minute I held it up, I knew I would hate it. It is a thick knit and very short. I am not a dainty lady who glows – I sweat. So I will never willingly wear a sleeveless sweater in 90+ heat because I’m not a sadist. And seriously – what is the point of a sleeveless sweater? Make up your damn mind!

Verdict? Return. Fast.


41 Hawthorn Renesme Dress – $78

Now I love a good wrap dress but this print is pretty horrendous. And it doesn’t help that the waistline/bustline totally does not flatter my body. And since I’m not one to purchase clothes that add 10 pounds, I quickly gave this one a hard no. I am also not a huge fan of the faux wrap detail on my chest…but maybe people are into a stitched line going over their left breast – what do I know? However, I do love the length of this dress and the sleeves.

Verdict? Return.


Loveappella Maxie Open Cardigan – $58

Me and cardigans are tight.  But the minute I saw this one I knew I would be sending it back. Why? Because I’m not (the ever so fabulous) Stevie Nicks. I may have starting singing ‘Edge of Seventeen‘ as soon as I put it on and fluttered around the dining room. LOOK at those insane sleeves! I felt like I should have been living on an artist commune.

Verdict? Return.


Dear John Marson Wide Leg Jean – $78

I’ll admit that my first thought when seeing these was “Ugh – wide leg jeans?” but my tune quickly changed as soon as I put them on. The fit was amazing, and the length was perfect. Sold!

Verdict? Keep.

Final Thoughts

Despite only keeping one item from my inaugural Stitch Fix box, I plan on using the service again in the near future. There were some duds, for sure. But the article of clothing I ended up choosing was something I never would have picked to try on myself. There is also something to be said about trying on clothes in the comfort of your own home and not in some store with a teenage shop-girl knocking on your door asking if you need anything. All while your two-year-old is screaming. And let’s face it, aren’t most fitting rooms just fancy fluorescent-lit kill rooms?

I would recommend trying Stitch Fix, if anything, for the experience. If any of the five items don’t work for you, then you’re only out the $20 styling free. However, I’ve heard decent things about Stitch Fix’s customer service so if you’re aren’t happy with all the items in your first box, it may be worth contacting them and letting them know (in the nicest way possible, of course). If you’re so inclined, go to Stitch Fix and check it out for yourself (if you end up signing up via that link, I’ll get credit for a referral. So if that bothers you, just type it out in the address bar).


13 thoughts on “My Very First Stitch Fix Box – An Honest Review

  1. I’m so glad you tried it! I agree that it’s definitely worth giving a whirl at least once just for the heck of it. 🙂 I actually REALLY REALLY love most of these items! Good pick keeping the jeans! I have two pairs of jeans from SF that I’ve kept, and I still love both of them.

  2. I’ve had my profile filled out for about a year. I usually just hunt on clearance racks, so the thought of spending so much on one item + a styling fee has really held me back. This coming month is my birthday. Maybe I’ll give it a whirl in celebration…

  3. I am trialing a similar service, but it’s through a more upscale department store (withholding the name because it’s a trial and isn’t offered publicly) and I actually have a human being stylist that I have spoken with on the phone and emailed with. That part of the service is amazing, but the price point of the clothes (at least after my first trunk … which contains almost 20 items) is INSANE. They actually sent me a pair of patent leather flipflops that cost $198 and a $240 Kate Spade skirt! You feedback on every item so hopefully the next round will be at a lower price point.

    Also adding that I 100% agree with you about the annoying trend with tops that makes everyone look preggers. When did a waist become something to hide??

    1. I think I know what service you’re talking about…I know a couple of other women who are doing the same thing. Clay checked out Trunk Club but their price point was just too high for someone who wears a uniform everyday to work. You should try Stitch Fix – the prices will seem like downright steals after your current subscription service. 🙂

  4. Was interested to see your review since I’ve been curious about Stitch Fix for a while now. The concept seems fab–who doesn’t want to receive a box full of goodies to try on?

    I love the jeans, they look great. I also love your table runner. What is the quality like on the shirts? They kind of look like TJ Maxx/Ross level stuff from the pics. (But not their prices.)

    1. Great question! I felt that the first top was maybe a little high at $48 but not by much. If it fit, I would have paid a premium. It seemed like higher quality than TJ Maxx (no visible loose stitches, seams matched up perfectly, etc…) but who really knows? Someone mentioned on my FB that if you find the same item online at a lower price, Stitch Fix will honor the lower price, which is cool.

      I’ve read that the quality of items can be hit or miss. I have my preferences set in the cheapest category so I hope I don’t see too much more $50+ shirts. I am only planning on purchasing items that I LOVE and will last multiple seasons.

      Oh – and my table running is from TJ Maxx. 🙂

  5. Okay so I really love this post, mostly because I side eye Stitchfix. No kids yet, so roaming the mall and stores freely is my jam. Regardless, I hesitate to put my style in the hands of someone else. Maybe I need to try it and see, because I love the idea behind your jeans — it’s not something you would have ever picked for yourself. You look FABULOUS! XO

  6. I really like the sound of it. Did they ask what kind of thing you liked and then picked or just picked? Because then that’s pointless. I’d love to be a stylist for sites like those, I would give it the personal touch. Most of those garments are terrible, I agree but I might have kept the floaty top and worn it more fitted so I could keep it. I also would have kept the jeans above all, skinnies are overrated, I don’t get the hate for bootcut and flares. They balance out your proportions so much better imo

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