Life Lately – August 2015 Edition

Tomorrow the first day of September will be upon us, which means we will be subjected to “I just love fall. I’m so quirky. Pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin” in almost every facet of our lives along with pumpkin spice lattes and cider donuts (which are admittedly sweet morsels of heaven). Doesn’t everybody love fall? When it did it become cool to label yourself a dork/nerd/etc… for liking a season that literally arrives every year? I don’t think I’ve ever come across a person who is even indifferent to fall, let alone antagonistic toward the harvest season.


On our way to the Commandant Reception last week.

We’re ready for summer to fade into fall here in Kansas. August came and went with little fanfare  – we’re settling into a routine and having fun exploring Kansas and Missouri.


While I was relatively active this summer, I wasn’t disciplined with my workouts or eating habits, which means there’s a little more of me to love as fall quickly approaches. I’m stepping up my fitness regime and curbing some of the not-so-great eating habits that developed during the warmer months (who knew that eating gourmet ice cream nightly would have such an effect?). I’ve since participated in a couple of group work-outs and were they ever humbling – it’s good to get knocked down a couple of notches every so often…it keeps me on my toes!


Likely related to the current state of my physique, I am thoroughly unimpressed with 91% my closet (I calculated!). I think it’s time for a complete wardrobe overhaul because I’m afraid that I am slipping into frumpy territory with the majority of my fashion choices of late. I may be a mom in my thirties but I’d like to avoid elastic waists until I’m well into my seventies. And then, I will rock the #$*& out of some Alfred Dunner sweatsuits.


We both played in our neighborhood softball game. Our street won!


Going for a stroll in Weston, Missouri.


Don’t mind if we do!


Weston’s new favorite car.


We bought bikes. Nice bikes. Ever since we were first married, we’ve been wanting to get bikes. Over 10 years later (!!!), we finally did it. If you’re ever at Fort Leavenworth, check out Santa Fe Trails Bicycle and Coffee Shop and shop local.

IMG_6761 (1)

We have yet to purchase a toddler seat or a bike trailer (any recommendations?) so we’re limited to short little family trips or solo rides. We hope to have a day-date soon and go for a long ride together and maybe even end up at a winery or brewery. Until then, we’ll continue to practice shifting gears and prepping our legs for the massive hills in the area.

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3 thoughts on “Life Lately – August 2015 Edition

  1. I, too, am unimpressed with 91% of my wardrobe. Thanks to your calculations, I did some of my own 😉 I am inspired by your Stitch Fix review, so I might try there first. My issue is that I truly love going to the store, but I never want to ask the sales people “HEY! WHAT WOULD LOOK GOOD ON MY BODY TYPE?!” I’ve worked in retail..those people don’t really know or care, so long as they get out of there 15 minutes after closing. I digress… I think you look great, but good call on avoiding the elastic. Have a great week! XO

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