The Art of Throwing Peas

Last week I had dinner waiting on the table when Clay and Weston barreled through the door, home from the little guy’s first soccer practice of the season and Clay’s inaugural venture into the world of youth coaching. At one point during the meal, just as Clay was explaining a practice highlight which involved a rowdy crowd of five and six-year-olds kicking soccer balls at him as he ran around the field, Violet found it appropriate to launch a handful of peas into the air while roaring like a dinosaur.

Untitled (1)

Crude artist rendering.

Two-year-old Violet is proving to be a challenge in the most wonderful way. Her tenacity is infectious and she is constantly challenging our parenting techniques. I am constantly amazed by Violet’s eagerness and willingness to explore the world around her – no matter how seemingly insignificant her surroundings are perceived by jaded adults. After a half-hearted scolding while stifling laughter, Clay and I glanced at each other and spotted the all-too-familiar mischievous grins. Weston was laughing uncontrollably, which made him an easy target. And that is how our family ended up throwing peas at each other, whooping with joy, and wiping tears from our eyes.


That dinner was everything a shared meal should be – filled with conversation, laughter, happy tears, and {most importantly} love. While it is our role as parents to teach our children socially-appropriate dining habits, it’s also our responsibility to show them how to find joy admist everyday tasks, how to be irreverent when necessary, and that laughter is the best medicine. I hope we never become the type of parents who choose not to participate in the art of throwing peas when the opportunity to present itself. After all, aren’t these spontaneous little wonderful moments the ones that matter most?


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