The Weston Applefest Celebration

Since arriving at Fort Leavenworth in July, we’ve done our fair share of exploring the local area. One of our favorite places thus far is Weston, Missouri – a small town about 10 miles north of post. It’s home to the Weston Brewing Company, McCormick Distilling Company, a handful of nice restaurants, cute shops, and Weston Bend State Park. So when we heard about the 27th Annual Weston Applefest Celebration, we looked forward to spending a nice fall Saturday morning at the festival. Unfortunately, our love for Weston, Missouri wasn’t enough to make us truly enjoy our time at Applefest.


We were surprised by the lack of apples at Applefest. In fact, this was the only display of apples we saw at Applefest that weren’t candy- or caramel-coated. There were a couple of apple-related food items but they were few and far between.


Additionally, the festival was held in such close quarters that it was impossible to move with a stroller through the crowds in both the vendor and food areas. If everything were spread out over a couple more town blocks, it would have made for a much better experience.


We did managed to try the famous apple dumplings with ice cream and I am pleased to report that they live up to their hype. Weston Christian Church has been making homemade apple dumplings for over 20 years as part of their Apple Dumpling Mission. And the people manning the booth couldn’t have been nicer – true examples of being light in the world.


To be honest, the apple dumplings saved our Applefest experience from being a complete bust.


Our less-than-stellar morning at Applefest hasn’t dimmed our love for Weston. If you’re ever in the area, make sure to stop by the charming town. Just make sure it isn’t the weekend of Applefest.


3 thoughts on “The Weston Applefest Celebration

  1. We just got home from visiting KC and went to Cider Hill Apple Orchard off of K-7! The day we went was crowded, but they have u-pick apples and pumpkins… and it ended up being a really great adventure. I’ve heard great things about their apple donut sundae. Just saying. 😉

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