BBQ, Dinosaurs, and Birthday Cake

Last week, my sister and her family (including her sister-in-law) flew out to Kansas for a long weekend. As discussed when Clay’s parents came to visit, Fort Leavenworth may not be as quite the tourist destination as our previous assignment, we feel that Kansas City and the surrounding area provide a unique experience for locals and non-locals alike. If anything – at least it’s known for good barbecue.


And did we ever eat our weight in barbecue while they were in town. We went to Joe’s KC, Char Bar, and All Slabbed Up. If you were wondering if barbecue can be considered a brunch food, the answer is yes – I had the pleasure of eating barbecue eggs benedict at Char Bar. Smoked meat and hollandaise? Our East Coast guests sampled smoked sausage, ribs, brisket, pulled pork, smoked chicken, and a plethora of other Kansas City barbecue-related goodness. They came to see us but stayed for the food.




The little guy turned six while they were in town so we celebrated by eating a non-barbecue meal at T-Rex Cafe. The food was meh (as expected) and appropriately overpriced but the kids had a great time dining among anamorphic dinosaurs. To be honest, who wouldn’t?

FullSizeRender 24

It’s difficult to believe at times that our Weston is six. Time has been a curious creature throughout the years – I can remember the day he was born with such clarity but struggle to recall what he sounded like at 18 months old. Weston is growing into such a thoughtful and curious little boy who aims to please those around him. Five wasn’t without it’s struggles but I’m continuously amazed at how awesome this parenthood ride is with each passing year. I’m not one to want to bottle time but I do hope I have at least a few more years of cuddles with my little guy before he get’s too old. We’re thankful that we had family in town to help celebrate Weston’s birthday.


My sister Megan and her family hold the unique distinction of being the only one of our siblings to visit us at every assignment – even the temporary ones. So wherever the Army decides to send us next summer, they’ll be sure to visit.


7 thoughts on “BBQ, Dinosaurs, and Birthday Cake

  1. Ahh! I love when family comes to visit. It definitely makes the miles seem fewer! And it looks like you guys had a fabulous time. That BBQ looks SO GOOD! I’m drooling over here 😉

  2. Which barbecue was you favorite? I never heard of barbecue eggs benedict but it looked pretty good! If you come across Smokehouse you may want to give it a try (that is where we like to go). Happy birthday to Weston! Miss you guys!

    1. We haven’t been back to Aitchison since the Amelia Earhart festival…a lot of people have recommended Iron House. When it is Clay and I, we prefer the hole-in-the-wall places but find ourselves gravitating toward the more establish restaurants when the kids are in tow! 🙂

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