New Year. New Priorities.

It’s been over a month since I last published a post – Maybe It’s Not Just Barbecue. I didn’t write about our carriage ride around historic post at the Fort Leavenworth tree lighting ceremony. Our 11-year anniversary came and went without a blip on this blog. And I didn’t share our {slightly insane} plans to drive almost 4000 miles during our 14-day Christmas break. I suppose the writing as been on the wall for quite some time – my desire to share publicly the everyday moments that comprise my life has waned since I began blogging as a newlywed over 10 years ago. Blogging in such a manner is no longer of interest to me. Anyways – isn’t that what Instagram is for now?


Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina

I still plan to write – just not here. My hope is to move beyond the family scrapbook type of blogging and write more pieces in the fashion of Our House is Too Big, Having Enough, Resiliency as a Virtue, and Choosing a Daring Adventure on an independent site. I’ll still be around on Instagram though! To everybody who has read along (some even from the Sour Patch Kid Experiment days!) all these years – thank you. Some of your comments brightened even the dimmest of days and others gave me pause and encouraged me to look at a situation from another perspective. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.