San Antonio or Bust


Back in February, we received official word that the Army would be sending us to San Antonio, Texas this summer. We never would have chosen the The Lone Star state ourselves but that is part of the adventure of relocating at the whim of the Army. Not only is San Antonio the place where barbed wire dazzled folks at Alamo Plaza in 1876 during a promotional herding of longhorns (thus inspiring an alarming number of arm tattoos), it also home to the Menger Hotel, where Theodore Roosevelt recruited the Rough Riders. Not too shabby for the seventh most populated city in the United States.



Like all of other places we’ve lived, we’re determined to make the best of our time Texas. While we’re not crazy about the lack of mountains, snow, and natural bodies of water in the immediate vicinity, we are excited about the food (oh my goodness – the tacos!), the historic market square, Pearl Brewery, Fiesta, Texas Hill County, the Riverwalk, the proximity to Austin, and the list goes on…(did I mention the tacos?). And with a yearly average temperature of 79 degrees, our sub-zero-tested winter coats will likely be on hiatus for the next two years. We will only be a few hours from the Gulf of Mexico so at least we’ll have the ocean somewhat close during the ridiculously long h0t and humid summers.



Mark Twain famously stated that there are only four unique cities in the United States: New Orleans, San Antonio, Boston, and San Francisco. San Antonio has been labeled as a cultural crossroad because of the Spanish, English, and German influences throughout the city and Texas Hill Country. Speaking of which, Texas Hill Country is a 25-county area between San Antonio and Austin (the state itself has 254 counties!) comprised of rolling hills, green (!) trees, rivers, tributaries, and caverns. I’m really looking forward to hiking in and around that area – like Old Baldy in Garner State Park.



In my research of our new city, I’ve come across “Keep San Antonio Lame” in comparison to the famed “Keep Austin Weird” expression. While we’re not residents yet, from what I’ve seen, San Antonio is hardly lame. We may have no idea where we are living, what day we’re moving, what schools the kids will attend, or even technically how long we will live there, but San Antonio is beginning to feel like home. Well – for at least a couple of years.


And We’re Back!

With all the attention that Sad Affleck (not to be confused with Sad Keanu) has been getting this week, it seems appropriate to mention the 2003 SNL sketch featuring Ben Affleck and Jimmy Fallon as radio shock-jocks. Like many cultural events from our collegiate days, Clay and I reference said sketch at opportune times and bond over a shared smirk when others look at us as if we only have one oar in the water.

Man in the Can, get BACK in the can!

So ummm…yeah, I’m back to writing on this little blog that is gets far less traffic than a Geocities fan page for Magnum P.I.’s Higgins. Truth be told, in the months leading up to my little hiatus I found myself constantly filled with hesitation and doubt when I would sit down to write a post. It wasn’t writers block per se – I had plenty to say. But I was crippled by anxiety, which threw me for a loop because I’m usually not one to experience such angst when it comes things totally in my control (like writing!).


I feel better now. And simply put – I missed writing (a lot!) at And Then We Laughed and that seemed as good of a reason as any to return. So what have I been up to? During the past three+ months we watched Clemson fight for but ultimately lose the National Championship, I flew to Las Vegas for a girls weekend with my Fort Drum battle buddies, we drove down to Branson, MO over President’s Day Weekend (#notimpressed), I finally was able to do a one-armed wall handstand, we learned where the Army is sending us next, I blew out 33 candles on top of a delicious cake, we drove 2000+ miles to Philadelphia and New York City and back over Spring Break (and got the stomach flu. Again!), and in the midst of the allergy-hell known as emergent spring in the Kansas City area as we prepare for our next move, courtesy of the Army.


Not sure if anyone (hi Mom!) routinely checks here anymore but if so – hi! And yes, that waffle tasted just as good as it looks. If you ever find yourself in Springfield, Missouri check out Gailey’s Breakfast Cafe and order the freedom waffle. You won’t be disappointed…I sure wasn’t.