Things I Just Don’t Get. At. All.

Since Parks & Recreation left the air February 2015, there has been a Lil’ Sebastian-sized void in the world. When I come across someone who doesn’t share the affinity that I have for literally the best television show of all time, I am unable to hide my bewilderment and exasperation. However, my love for Parks & Recreation isn’t the lone source of my confusion. Here are some other things that I just don’t get…



Cauliflower Crust Pizza. It’s not pizza if it has a cauliflower crust. More power to you if that’s you’re idea of eating good food but just please call it anything but pizza. Because it’s not pizza.


Tank maxi dresses. Shapeless dresses that fall to the widest part of my cankles and are reminiscent of fundamentalist religious fashion ?

‘Wrong’ Bibles. Yes, earlier this year someone told our son at the children’s service that his Bible was the wrong king of Bible. And yes, we stopped attending that particular church. We prefer our church to be loving and accepting, not full of Pharisees thankyouverymuch.


The 2016 Presidential Race. This is the best we can do? Seriously? For anyone wondering, my vote is for Dave Kovic (as Bill Mitchell).

Nicholas Sparks books. Although I am an Emily Giffin fan so who am I to judge?

Fast food seafood restaurants. I feel like this one is self-explanatory.


Getting your picture taken with the Easter Bunny. When did this become a thing? Our children have yet to have a professional photo-op with a person in a costume that probably smells like a wrestling practice. The picture above is yours truly in my favorite Fine Young Cannibals-inpsired shirt and my mom. Perhaps this explains my disdain for the made-up creature.

What are some things you don’t understand?


13 thoughts on “Things I Just Don’t Get. At. All.

  1. Ewww, cauliflower crust!? Gross. Totally laughed at this post, thanks for sharing! 🙂 I’m always a bit confused why someone would wear Ugg boots and shorts/skirts …

  2. Seafood fast food…puke and die. All of that just sounds TERRIBLE! I’ll admit, I’m a fan of cauliflower crust pizza, but my husband hates it!

  3. “Fast food seafood restaurants. I feel like this one is self-explanatory.” YES! So eww…I am not a big fan of seafood anyone but if I am going to have it I want good seafood.

    And I think the last Easter Bunny photo we got was about 8 years ago. I stopped when my son freaked out and then I realized they were stupid…lol

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