I’m not much of a sorority girl. Scratch that. I am totally 100% not a sorority girl. Upon arriving at Clemson University, this yankee quickly learned that she did not mesh well (like at all) with the southern sorority culture. More power to them and no ill-will – it just was not my scene. And because of my anti-sorority stance during my collegiate years, I never properly learned the sorority-squat pose nor the arm pop that is so prominent on social media today (and so figure flattering….seriously). That’s probably why I end up looking like a ‘before’ on an informercial in 91% of the photos taken of me.


I never dressed up for class and the thought of wearing a dress to a football game still makes me shudder. The above picture illustrates my go-to ‘going-out’ outfit during those years – an ill-fitting tank top, brown belt, and jeans with embroidered detail. No wonder girls weren’t knocking on my door to pledge their sorority…if I were a Spice Girl I’d be Sorry Spice or Bless Her Heart Spice, for sure.


But then something happened – upon moving to Fort Drum after graduating college and saying I do to my incredibly handsome college sweetheart, I found myself welcomed into a sorority unlike any other – the sisterhood of military spouses. The friendships I formed with four other wives during that wretched deployment helped define my early-twenties and despite years having passed since being stationed together, we still get together for reunion weekends. We are more than just friends. We are sisters.

And now over a decade later, I find myself continuing to expand the membership of the sisterhood. Each duty station brings new friends, new opportunities, new adventures, and eventually new see you later’s. Our time at Fort Leavenworth for Command and General Staff College is no different. I’ve grown close with a group of wives from our neighborhood and I have no doubt that we will keep in touch despite going our separate ways this summer.

FullSizeRender 19 (1)

This past weekend, we spent the night in Kansas City – participating in a wine-walk throughout downtown and then enjoying everything the Power & Light district had to offer. While leaving a rooftop patio, we stumbled into a photographer capturing the aftermath of an Air Force wedding. It seemed appropriate to welcome the new bride into the military spouse sisterhood so we did so by offering our congratulations and words of encouragement for the adventures on which she will soon find herself.

So while I may have dismissed sororities in college, I don’t know where I would be today without the military spouse sisterhood. We support each other during deployments, separations, PCS’s, and through whatever curveballs the military may throw our way. We watch each other’s children, we will be the first to pour each other a glass of wine, and we will drop everything to be there when most needed. And perhaps most importantly – we get it.


2 thoughts on “Sisterhood

  1. Some of the best women I’ve met have been because of the army. Some of the craziest women too. 😉

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