For Love of the Game

While I absolutely adored snuggling with my children as squishy little babies, I feel much more suited for motherhood now that my children are six-and-a-half (as my son is quick to point out) and almost three. Perhaps it is because I gain more confidence with each passing year or maybe it’s simply because our little family is finally old enough to enter the enticing world of youth sports. Clay and I both grew up playing sports so raising our children to appreciate athleticism and to crave physical activity ranks up there with cultivating a desire for adventure and a never-ending sense of curiosity as our primary parenting goals.


Michael Jordan famously said “Just play. Have fun. Enjoy game.” The world is not hurting for sport/life analogies so I’m not going to attempt my own here but I do hope our children to recognize the parallels that exist between being part of a sports team and life in general. The importance of working together toward a common goal; the glorious high of winning and the crushing pain of defeat; and the intoxicating joy of playing a game and having the absolute time of your life doing so.


We’re currently in the throws of t-ball season and loving every minute. I love the missed swings at the tee, the running of the bases in the wrong direction, and every single one of the grounders that find themselves rolling between legs. The little guy is on a team with all of his neighborhood friends, which makes the game all that much more fun. Because nothing else beats playing a game you love with people you love.


So for the next 12+ years, we will likely be rushing to eat dinner either before or after practice, cheering a bit too loudly from the stands, and relishing in the opportunity to watch our children play. And loving every.single.minute. So if you knock on our door and we’re not home – we’re probably at the soccer field, the basketball court, or the ball field.


I think I’ve mentioned numerous times on here how A League of Their Own is easily one of my favorite movies of all time. It’s practically perfect. And there is one line in particular that Tom Hanks, as Jimmy Dugan, states that sums up my general attitude about sports and life… “It’s supposed to be hard. If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. The hard…is what makes it great.” Hallelujah.


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